Apple Stores stock Mophie’s new multi-device wireless chargers

Mophie’s Dual Wireless Charging Pad charges any compatible iPhone and AirPods quickly and efficiently. Mophie’s new 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad conveniently charges iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch from one central location.

Michael Potuck for 9to5Mac:

After learning about two new multi-device wireless charging options set to arrive from Mophie at Apple Stores, the company has officially launched the new products in the U.S.

Curiously, at the time of writing, the dual wireless charging pad is priced at $80 direct from Mophie and goes for $99 from Apple. They share the same SKU and appear to be the same product. It’s available now at some Apple Stores and is shipping from as well…

The 3-in-1 wireless charging pad gives a bit closer experience to what AirPower was planning to offer before it was canceled. However, it’s not as flexible with a specific spot each of your devices needs to rest.

The 3-in-1 wireless charging pad is available in black and white and sells for $140 as an Apple exclusive for now.

MacDailyNews Take: Very nice, especially Mophie’s 3-in-1 wireless charging pad, for those of us with iPhones, Apple Watches, and AirPods. It’s about as close as we’re going to get to mythical “AirPower” for the foreseeable future.

More info about each charger:

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