Class action lawsuit alleges Apple of ‘unlawful’ recording of communications

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple in regards to recording made via the company’s Siri quality grading program.

Amber Neely for AppleInsider:

Filed on the August 7, the suit arises from what it calls Apple’s “unlawful and intentional recording of individuals’ confidential communications without their consent” from late 2011 to present day. The suit alleges that this is in violation of several California laws, including the California Invasion of Privacy act.

California law prohibits the recording of verbal communications without the consent of all parties involved. Puzzlingly, the suit specifically spells out the fact that Apple has in fact informed users that voice samples may be passed to Apple or its associates. And, the suit also notes that the possibility that Siri recordings might be examined for quality control purposes have been stated in the terms of use for iOS, and is presently in the privacy pages that Apple maintains.

MacDailyNews Take: Where are the damages, exactly, especially considering that even the plaintiffs’ ambulance chasers have admitted that Apple informed users via several avenues?


    1. It’s likely there’s no case here, and I’ve read nothing about it. But my guess at a possible avenue:

      You the device owner accepted terms of service where you consented to recording. But other residents and visitor to your home did not consent.


      1. Depends on where one lives. Some states allow for one-party consent, some require both parties to consent. It may be moot anyway, as my understanding of how Siri works is that it doesn’t record conversations, just an occasional inquiry you make to it. I doubt every user gets recorded.

        The thing about this is that how can anyone file suit (of any kind) unless they know they were recorded?

        1. I think MDN posted another article recently showing you how you could remove the Siri generated saved audio files off your iPhone and Mac. I suppose those files constitute ‘proof’ of recording.

  1. Maybe they’re crying foul for Apple keeping and using recordings (even if it was in small print in the ULA) while promoting their Privacy and Security policies as the primary advantage of iOS devices which arguably created an understandably high level of expectation for privacy. Just mark it up as another case of users feeling betrayed.

    1. Give it a break clown boy. Get over yourself and your manufactured feelings of betrayal which you know is pure bullshit. You checked the box and you specifically enabled Siri.

      You are the kind of leaching vermin that is destroying modern civilization with your me first, last and always attitude.

      1. I don’t really care either way. I’m just playing devil’s advocate imagining what kind of iOS owner would be part of the class action suit. If you have a better explanation for the suit being brought up let’s hear it.

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