What’s new in Apple’s iOS 13 beta 5

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Apple today released the fifth beta of iOS 13 to developers, bringing new bug fixes and adding and refining various iOS 13 and iPadOS features.

In the fifth beta, changes and updates are getting more minor than changes made in earlier betas, but beta 5 still has some notable additions and feature removals worth highlighting.

In iPadOS, there’s a new feature in the Settings menu that lets you customize the Home screen. You can set the app grid to be 4×5 or 6×5, which results in bigger or smaller icons. The “More” setting shows up to 30 smaller app icons, while the “Bigger” setting shows up to 20 larger app icons.

iPadOS lets users choose "More" or "Bigger" for their Home Screen app icon sizes (image: MacRumors)
iPadOS lets users choose “More” or “Bigger” for their Home Screen app icon sizes (image: MacRumors)

MacDailyNews Take: “More,” please!


  1. Smoother and snappier among other things. Safari is still confused a bit specifically by this website. Not enough to make it unusable or any such things, just tiny noticeable glitches here and there. Over all it seems to be coming along quite nicely. Mail shows significant updates. Can’t wait to play with that.

  2. I have a constant bug that when talking with someone, a strange sound is heard, and the call fails. I call the person back, they answer and can hear me, but I can not hear them. You can switch over to facetime and communicate both ways. I must restart the phone to complete calls as normal. Thsi repeatsaroudn twice or three times per day. Its’ very strange.

  3. I wish the UI was consistent between landscape and portrait. When using the keyboard (messages, email, whatever) and you flip from portrait to landscape and back, you’ll notice that the number key and the globe/language/emoji key swap places. Quite annoying.

  4. It takes too long for the audio to switch to the AirPods from any device. Sometimes if I switch to the AirPods from the iPhone, it bounces back to the phone on its own, which is very disruptive to the call. If this is a Bluetooth protocol problem, Apple still needs to address it.

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