President Trump expects Apple to announce it will build plant in Texas

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday he wanted Apple to build its plants in the United States and expects the technology firm to announce it will build one in Texas.

Well, I want Apple to build their plants in the United States. I don’t want them to build them in China. So when I heard that they were going to build in China, I said “OK, you can build in China, but when you send your product into the United States I’m going to tariff you.”

But we’ll work it out. A man I have a lot of liking for and respect is Tim Cook, and we’ll work it out. I think they’re going to announce they’re going to build a plant in Texas. And if they do that I’m starting to get very happy. — U.S. President Trump

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, it’ll all work out.

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  1. I would love to see Apple manufacture here, but I doubt they can preserve profit margins and hold prices at or near current levels given the higher cost of paying labor in the US compared to Asia. Also, the biggest problem may be not so much building a factory here, but setting up the supply chain. All the part manufacturers are in Asia.

    1. While I too would prefer they did more of their manufacturing here, I suspect the labor costs are not the problem, it’s the supply chain (as you mentioned). That probably means if they do manufacture them here they’ll cost even more. And how many who are cheering the tariff are pleased with that prospect.

  2. I agree, Apple should build as much as possible here in the United States because China Steals Apple and other High Tech’s IP. And President Trump is right telling Apple that if you build it in China then Apple will pay Tariffs. I support this 100%……..

  3. Tim Cook is stupid not learning from his mistakes. The old Mac Pro was made in USA and rather than improving that, he decides to CONSOLIDATE more production in China. Insane.

    Tim “let me put all my production eggs in one communist basket” Cook is a failure at operations.

    1. How ignorant are you? The Mac Pro was a failure. Apple couldn’t even get the screws they needed on time. The new model is an order of magnitude more complex. It would be very difficult, and expensive to manufacture here.

      But since you can’t afford, or need one, that doesn’t matter to you, does it?

    2. Yes, agree Cook is insane. The MacPros have been manufactured in Texas the last 5.5 years. Absolutely no reason a company of this wealth and global scale cannot maintain or bincrease capacity.

      The “suppliers” argument is a thinly veiled EXCUSE to give beancounter Cook COVER selling out made in the USA workers for more cheap communist profits.

      In addition, I wonder if a hidden agenda political motive is present. The largest company in history run by a liberal Democrat CEO shuttering jobs in a Red State 1.3 years before a presidential election. We don’t know for certain, but we do know Cook is ALL ABOUT beancounter PROFITS.

      President Trump reacted appropriately and hope he turns the tariff “screws” even tighter…

      1. GeoB, you have previously claimed that you have a son in the Austin area. If that were true, you would be aware that Apple is building a major complex in the area that will hire far more people than were ever working for the Mac Pro assembly contractor. However, that fact does not fit your conspiracy theory and must be ignored.

        1. “GeoB, you have previously claimed that you have a son in the Austin area.”

          Wrong. My baby brother and his handsome family live a few miles outside Austin.

          New factory? Hiring more? What’s not to like…

  4. Trump, who has had all of his own merchandise manufactured out of the country (and still does), along with his children’s products being manufactured outside the country, expects Apple’s far more complex manufacturing to be done here? What an idiot! What a hypocrite.

    He’s pursuing his disastrous tariff plans which have increased our costs (and equivalent taxes), but have produced no beneficial results. This guy is seriously destroying the best we have.

    1. “expects Apple’s far more complex manufacturing to be done here? What an idiot! What a hypocrite.”

      You know a lot about idiots.

      Excuse me, Apple manufactured the FLAGSHIP legacy product of ALL TIME the last 5.5 years in Texas.

      What changed? Politics and profits…

  5. Oh, the MDN threats (to take administrative actions that you refused to take for years)! If you block me, you will probably be doing me a favor. I know some other folks on this forum would thank you for doing them a favor, lol.

    Honestly, why is a POTUS messing around in business activities? And not just in general terms, but calling out specific companies and people! This is behavior that both parties (up until recently) considered to be terribly inappropriate. We need to guide this country back to the middle, back to reason. The extremism on both ends of the political spectrum is devisive and destructive.

    1. “Honestly, why is a POTUS messing around in business activities? And not just in general terms, but calling out specific companies and people!”

      The simple answer is NAFTA was the worst law ever written to benefit U.S. corporations over it’s citizens. As Ross Perot brilliantly pointed out, “the giant sucking sound” of jobs leaving the United States. Both Jobs and President Obama said those jobs are not coming back.

      Yeah, tell that to President Trump and his policies that have seen resurgence in manufacturing and record employment numbers.

      To answer your main question why he is “messing around” is not at all “messing.” President Trump is reaching out to Apple for a course correction to bring more manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

      Cook made an EPIC MISTAKE moving MacPro manufacturing out of Texas for the last 5.5 years and then wants to be rewarded with tariff relief?!? Ha!

      The Democrats are famous for soaking the “fair share” of taxes out of the great evil corporations, but at the same time have no problem when they close shop in the U.S. and move jobs to China and elsewhere.

      Pay attention, KingMe. President Trump is working on improving the foolish policies of past Democrat presidents in two key areas. High taxation and corporations leaving the U.S. Something we have not seen during the Obama and Clinton years in office.

      You may disagree with his politics, temperament, manner or his unapologetic brash personality. But NO ONE can objectively disagree with President Trump’s economic RECOVERY and RESULTS.

      Keep America Great…

        1. Bwahahahaaa. I love the gut wrenching pain you know exists deep down in your lunatic brain that twists reality to come up with this. Yes, after failing for 8 years, in the 11’th year of ObamaWonderLand, his plan finally came together.

          Here’s how it worked. Be so much of a failure that the public votes in trump, and he fixes everything that obama failed at and was too incompetent to do himself (ie everything). You’re right. Thank you Obama! Bwhahahahahahaaaaa

          1. No the plan came together in 2010 and has been rising ever since.

            Intelligent people understand simple concept like trends. Willfully ignorant, hateful idiots don’t. Those 2 and 3 words lizard brain idiots don’t.

          2. Right!

            Only a twisted “lunatic brain” makes pitiful attempts to STEAL credit from President Trump’s economic policies that ignited the economy.

            Obama stifled the economy with onerous regulations and high taxes and famously said “I don’t have a magic wand” as the economy barely limped along under his watch.

            Trump comes in firmly gripping a business magic wand and brashly slays regulations and lowers taxes unleashing the economic forces that ignited the economy!

            All one has to look at is results under Trump. The record unemployment. The record employment for blacks, Hispanics and women. The many record stock market closings. This did not happen UNDER Obama or BECAUSE of Obama. Direct result of Trump policies, nothing more.

            Trump totally schooled Obama on how to turn the economy around and yes, those jobs are coming back. And no, we don’t need to adjust to a lower standard of living just because you were INCAPABLE with FECKLESS leadership and desperately need an excuse for NOT getting the job done. Trump demonstrated how to get it done.

            Obama doesn’t deserve an atomic particle of credit for the astounding Trump TURNAROUND of the U.S. economy. Only the clueless out there that can’t handle reality are the PARTISAN VILLAGE IDIOTS…

    1. Do it MDN, KingMel’s comments are utterly worthless. Obama tried to destroy the entire coal industry you fork tongue. “The middle” is the refuge of backbiting cowards.

      1. There’s a boogieman behind every bush, huh? It couldn’t be coal miners were clutching their buggy whips like trump clutches the flag. Of wait. trump didn’t save those jobs? Coal is too damn expensive now that we a shitting natural gas and renewable energy?
        So. It’s all that boogiemans fault. Not that these coal miners should pull themselves up by their bootstraps. The good old american way. What. They got black lung but you want to cut off their health care.

        I think you need to check yourself and stop whining about President Obama and worry about the festering boil occupying the white house.

    2. I am a very important poster around here – a true VIP. I think I am a connoisseur of taste, style and politics. MDN knows I am worth every ASCII character. Citizen X and me are best friends, we are incredibly awesome and astoundingly modest – and attractive.

    3. You lied a year or two ago famously proclaiming you were leaving MDN forever. Then you came back and now are asking MDN to remove you permanently. Seems like the only way to git er done…

      1. Kool-aid one thing but swallowing the festering boil that is trump balls deep is another.
        Sorry to offend your sensibilities but you assuming melgross is guzzling some kid of kool-aid is just as offensive.

            1. and of course the gob of snot shows up when the trolls aren’t properly giving a blowjob to trump.

              Damn. It’s pathetic that all you have is insults. At least before you lied around trumps dick in your mouth.

  6. Apple is a corporation and corporations are required by law to maximize profits by any legal means possible. If manufacturing in China is cheaper then Apple will do it – the corporate machine has no care for human beings whatsoever, including the president.

    1. No, corporations are not required by law to maximize profits.

      From posted link: Third, corporate directors are not required to maximize shareholder value. As the U.S. Supreme Court recently stated, “modern corporate law does not require for-profit corporations to pursue profit at the expense of everything else, and many do not do so.”

      1. And they certainly are not required to minimize profits either. I would not work for a minimum profit corporation, might very well not get paid! Or have a job to go to on Monday morning.

    2. “Apple is a corporation and corporations are required by law to maximize profits by any legal means possible.”

      Please provide a law link to prove corporations are required by law to maximize profits by any means possible.

      I’ll save you the trouble — it does NOT have EXIST.

      I will vote montex for MDN clueless comment of the year…

  7. Tariffs are taxes paid by the American people. It will be added to the price of the product. China pays nothing. If fewer people by Apple products, it will mean bad things for Apple shareholders and employees. Perhaps China will eventually feel the effect, but it will be long after Americans are hurt.

    1. Do overseas tariffs hurt American corporation’s ability to compete with foreign companies? Yes they do. All Trump is trying to do is get foreign countries to reduce/eliminate their tariffs on American-made products. Even the playing field if you can.

    2. You do know that China disagrees with you and has been imposing massive tariffs on our goods for decades, right? Oh. I forgot. You’re teh more smarter than China.

  8. What diff does it make. Apple has already price any such. Have you seen the price of the Mac Pro. American consumers pay any tariffs. Trump is such a stupid man. Apple builds overseas cause they want to smell like a rose while they blame the manufacturers of their products for treating their workers so poorly. If Apple cared they would have been change from those companies. Only interested in the profit no manner how many solar panels they put on their buildings.

  9. A huge point people seem to be missing — whose plants they are… “I want Apple to build THEIR plants in the United States. I don’t want them to build THEM in China.”

    Apple doen’t build plants in China, you stupid, senile man-baby.

    1. ”Apple doesn’t build plants in China.”

      The Mac Pro plant in Texas was fine for 5.5 years. It can easily build the stunning new Mac Pro.

      But beancounter Cook has other plans and your fanboy opinion is defensive not taking into account reality….

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