Leaks reveal a trio of new ‘iPhone 11’ models coming from Apple within months

Apple looks to be preparing a trio of new iPhones for release this fall.

Anna Washenko for Ars Technica:

The new models will be powered by Apple’s A13 chip and will still be equipped with Lightning ports rather than USB-C.

One of the more notable changes being reported for these phones is a new type of Taptic Engine. We’ve heard that the engine’s code name is leap haptics, but that’s about all the insight available presently. The new haptics are expected to potentially replace Apple’s 3D Touch system.

Cameras have received lots of attention from Apple in recent years, and the new models seem to come with another fresh batch of updates. The front camera on the devices will add support for slow motion video capture at 120fps… The camera trio is being used for an option called Smart Frame, which will capture more of an image than appears in the framed area to offer more options for cropping and framing in post-production.

MacDailyNews Take: Expect this batch of iPhones, the last one prior to the start of the iPhone 5G super cycle in late 2020, to focus on the triple camera array, Smart Frame, and other camera-related features as the main selling point.


  1. Again..the same exact iphone as last year except an addition lens and slightly faster processor. IMHO this the 1st time I would consider an iphone release a ‘skip cycle’. Nothing really compelling here..

  2. @Giblet, for those of us who didn’t want to pay top-dollar for a phone with a notch, this will probably be the year for an upgrade. I’m still running my 7 Plus, and it’s starting to get long in the tooth. I realize the notch will probably only be shrunk this year, not eliminated, but I just can’t go another refresh cycle. For folks on the X or XS, I can see skipping this. But there are a lot of us on the sidelines who have been waiting for the notch to disappear, and this will be the year we’ll jump back in.

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