Apple, other major U.S. tech firms petition FCC for short-range 6 GHz Wi-Fi tethering

Claus Hetting for Wi-FiNOW:

A wide swath of tech industry giants – from OS vendors to semiconductor and consumer device manufactures and more – are working overtime to extract maximum benefit from the new 6 GHz band. One promising new proposal is the creation of a new category of portable ‘Very Low Power’ (VLP) Wi-Fi devices. If the proposal were accepted VLP would become a huge new source of unlicensed short-range connectivity. Given the low power rating the proposal could pass the FCC’s scrutiny.

A who’s who of tech giants – headed up by Broadcom, Apple, Qualcomm, and many others – pitched this idea to the FCC in detail last week… One enormous advantage such Wi-Fi 6 & 6 GHz systems would have over current Wi-Fi is that there will be no legacy Wi-Fi devices on the new 6 GHz band. The IEEE already made that decision this past February. A pristine 6 GHz band plus the scheduling and OFDMA features of Wi-Fi 6 will make for very high-quality and predictable services for things like AR/VR – and perhaps many more use cases we can’t imagine today.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Glasses and iPhones will need to move data quickly, seamlessly, and securely, don’t cha know?!

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