U.S. DOJ announces broad antitrust review examining Apple, Google, and others

Brent Kendall for The Wall Street Journal:

The Justice Department is opening a broad antitrust review into whether dominant technology firms are unlawfully stifling competition, adding a new Washington threat for companies such as Facebook Inc., Google, Amazon.com Inc. and Apple Inc. The review is geared toward examining the practices of online platforms that dominate internet search, social media and retail services, the department said, confirming the review shortly after The Wall Street Journal reported it…

The Justice Department will examine issues including how the most dominant tech firms have grown in size and might — and expanded their reach into additional businesses. The Justice Department also is interested in how Big Tech has leveraged the powers that come with having very large networks of users, the department said. … There is no defined end-goal yet for the Big Tech review other than to understand whether there are antitrust problems that need addressing, but a broad range of options are on the table, the officials said. The department’s inquiry could eventually lead to more focused investigations of specific company conduct, they said.

MacDailyNews Take: Regarding Apple, the company does not have a monopoly or anything close to a monopoly in any market in which they compete, so the DOJ shouldn’t be wasting time on any Apple antitrust investigations. It’s ridiculous.

Google and Facebook, of course, are different stories. On those companies, investigate away, U.S. DOJ!


  1. “Regarding Apple, the company does not have a monopoly or anything close to a monopoly in any market in which they compete”

    They compete in iOS Apps. And in some instances such as “duplicating functionality” they forbid competition.

  2. A formal review is good. If there’s nothing to see, we’ll find out. If there’s something to see, we’ll also find out. You can’t exclude one of the tech giants, because you already have an opinion, let the DOJ do its review, and we’ll see how each of the tech giants fare.

  3. Any normal DOJ investigation would be fine. But this current nepotism organization that’s called the White House has corrupted everything it’s touched.

    1. Prediction: the DOJ will force a settlement that benefits Peter Thiel and other Trump donors; a few years later we will discover that the Trump family are silent partners.

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