New video shows a real-life look at what Apple’s 2019 iPhone will look like

Vanessa Hand Orellana for CNET:

The latest iPhone 11 rumors are coming to life with more details about the controversial camera bump, thanks to a new video from Unbox Therapy.

MacDailyNews Take: Controversial? Unlike the notch, the square camera bump doesn’t cause us to think “kludge” at all. It’s a little inelegant, for sure. As an alternative, we’d rather the phone simply be that millimeter or so thicker, house that much more battery, and eliminate the camera bump altogether.

If anyone thinks a “thicker” iPhone won’t sell, they don’t know how to sell things; longer battery life is consistently atop smartphone users’ wish lists. We don’t see any data showing users clamoring for an even thinner iPhone. So, a slightly thicker iPhone would be easily sold as “More battery and no camera bump!” It’s a win-win. Such a thing might even sell better than what Apple looks to be planning for fall 2019 – fall 2020.

This week, Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy posted a video in which he shows a real-life representation of what the iPhone 11 will look like based on all the rumors we’ve seen so far: a three-camera array on the back and a similar design to the previous XS models. We’ve seen a lot of 3D mock-ups of the iPhone 11 with the same traits, but this one is strikingly real.

MacDailyNews Take: It’ll be very interesting to see what tricks Apple has up their collective sleeve for the Camera app and this three-camera array and how they go about marketing what is obviously a placeholder iPhone meant to hold down the fort until the iPhone 5G super cycle comes roaring in to save the day in late 2020 and beyond.


  1. YES! Thicker to suck up bump and massive battery! Don’t care about thickness ~ proof is in stupid max protection cases available. When I snap mine on (I use 3different ones for all occasions or just get sick of one look or feel), i don’t think, “oh this is too thick”. I just use it.

    So, Apple whoever you’ve become… give us juice and get rid of the STUPID tippy on flat surface camera bump, when naked. Oh wait… that works with my case and brings it out to edge of case. Oh yeah. Leave it. Ignore the bump issue and give us Tony Stark power source.

    1. Its not just issue of thickness. Batteries are very heavy compared to a case.
      Heavy Phone is not desirable by most.
      Plus those who don’t care about weight and bulk.. hey just snap on a battery case. Problem solved.

      1. Would a few extra grams for a thicker battery be that much of a problem for most users? I see it as a fair trade-off. Since MOST people in the WORLD are happily using Android smartphones which are generally heavier than iPhones, I doubt most iPhone users would mind having a slightly bigger/heavier battery. I know Apple is going to do whatever it wants and if it costs them iPhone sales, they probably don’t give a damn as long as their executives are collecting huge salaries.

  2. There’s something about those three circles that gives me the heebie jeebies. I think the camera array triggers trypophobia, that condition where a cluster of rings/bubbles/circles together makes your skin crawl.

  3. Honestly, to each their own, but I don’t care. This was far more relevant in the early days when legitimately critical features were added with each iteration. At some point everyone but the uber-geek looks at their phone and says, ‘Meh. Still works good.’. Nothing against the uber-geeks, mind.

  4. All the tech Youtubers say the coming iPhone is boring. I think they all want folding smartphones to get their juices flowing. All I’m wanting is a larger battery for longer use time and that it’s relatively tough. I don’t really care what the exterior looks like. Most smartphones pretty much look like rectangular slabs, to me. Of course, I don’t want it to have any serious flaws that will end up all over the internet and prove that Apple is a dying company that doesn’t care about loyal customers.

  5. There are plenty of Android smartphones which use a copper heat-pipe to dissipate heat from the processors. Apple should be able to do that if they needed to as it’s not a very expensive modification.

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