Apple Card FOMO is real

Lory Gil writes for iMore:

With all the rumors about Apple Card launching this week I’m getting excited about a new way to keep track of my credit card spending. When Apple first announced the Apple Card, I thought, “Huh. Not what I expected from Apple, and not something I really care about.”

But the more I hear about it, the more I want one (I have a bad case of Apple gadget FOMO).

Getting a new credit card is a lot different than getting a new iPhone, though. It’s a major responsibility that could either make or break a person’s ability to finance something big later on in life.

MacDailyNews Take: Day One, for us. If your credit situation is amenable, Apple Card offers far too many advantages to wait.


  1. I cannot think of a single reason why I would want the Apple Credit Card. I get better rewards with the credit cards that I already have. The only purchase where the Apple Credit Cards pays higher dividends is the 3% reward if I make a purchase from Apple. For me, that would just be $15 a month for my Apple Music Family Subscription. I buy actual Apple hardware from third party sellers who offer lower prices. I don’t need Apple’s credit management tools. I don’t spend more than I can afford. I have my other credit cards on auto-pay to pay off the entire balances each month in full. So, do I want my credit score to take a hit by getting an inquiry on my credit report just so that I could apply for a piece of platinum? Is that the only reason?

      1. What the h are you bitching about?? Of course “I” I am the buyer, I am the user and I pay my bills. If I use “we” instead will you pay “my” bills?

        Stupid complaint. But I guess haters have to find something to hate.

  2. “I cannot think of a single reason why I would want the Apple Credit Card.”

    In every market th3ere will be those that will not benefit from a new entry into that market space. It’s no big deal, the market is so large that the number that the Apple Card would appeal to will be large enough to make a difference on Apple’s Income Statement.

    For me (have paid cash for absolutely everything since filing bankruptcy in 2004 on the strength of my options investing) I won’t get too excited about an Apple Card until Apple introduces a DEBIT CARD. I expect to see that launching summer 2020. By 2025 I see Apple buying MasterCard in order to take over its infrastructure and get access to MasterCard’s customer base.

  3. Getting a credit card is different? Could effect things later? I’m a fanboi, but I have news for you, always purchasing a new iPhone could have a similar affect on your credit later in life.

  4. To each their own, but I’ll never get one. I don’t use Apple Pay, either, and yes, I’ve tried it. I honestly don’t think it’s particularly wise for tech companies to be inserting themselves into finance, at least not until we have begin regulating them.

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