Analyst claims Apple to launch ‘SiriOS’ at WWDC next June

Jonny Evans for Apple Must:

“Hey Siri, when will you become a full voice-controlled operating system?” doesn’t get you much of a response, but at least one analyst thinks Apple’s on the cusp of spinning Siri out as its very own OS…

“The voice community expects Apple to release a SiriOS for its developer community at WWDC 2020 which would accelerate innovation and adoption,” Yannick Oswald, Principal at Mangrove Capital Partners told Voicebot.

Oswald believes Apple will strike by 2020 because it will not want to cede this space to Amazon.

MacDailyNews Take: So far at Apple, each OS has a hardware component — watchOS for Apple Watch, tvOS for Apple TV, macOS for Macintosh, iOS for iPhone, and iPadOS for iPad — would SiriOS be for HomePod?


  1. This is an interesting nuance, one that we probably didn’t think was needed: if developers can write their own ‘apps’ for Siri, does that mean Siri is an OS? Well, whatever it is – letting developers write for it is a good thing. To the end user what does this really mean – Siri is pretty much what it always was, but hopefully with way more utility.

    I don’t think we have to call it an OS though.

  2. I think the distinction between all these “OS’s” is the GUI. macOS, iOS, watchOS, iPadOS… So it makes sense that Siri would have it’s own OS since the “GUI” is voice. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see an “Augmented Reality OS” “GUI” for glasses or some other AR device with a “hands-in-air” virtual GUI… Didn’t Apple recently trademark “Minority Report”?

  3. Just as the iuiverse breathes in to collect and combine all of the different parts of its creation, so Apple could collect and combine all its currently disparate apps in a future time where the envisioned puck will be to produce an elegantly combined app whose functinality will be de-complexified: Apple OS Force. (A borrowing from Trump’s Space Force to appeal to Rightwing militarists)

    By then, Apple will no longer be competing with copyists Samsung and Google and the corporation, but with the ever more intrusive NSA and the rest of the US Spy State that will have subsumed them both, not to improve society, but to corporatize itself even more fully to finally achieve Full Spectrum Fascism.

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