How to check that your Mac is free of Zoom and similar web servers

Howard Oakley for Eclectic Light Company:

A week ago, Mac users were alerted to a sinister danger: if you had previously installed certain conferencing software, in particular that for Zoom, then even though you may have removed that, it probably left behind a hidden web server which could have been exploited remotely. Because that was a serious vulnerability, Apple pushed an update to its malware removal tool MRT to remove the old Zoom web server.

A couple of days ago, Apple pushed a second update to MRT which removed all similar hidden web servers which had been installed by other related products. The product vendors should over this time have updated their software, so now is a good time to check that your Mac is clean.

MacDailyNews Note: Make sure you’re running Apple’s latest MRT, version 1.4.6, by navigating to System > Library > CoreServices and Get Info on


  1. MDN, by “make sure that”, I think you meant “find out if.”
    If you have the automatic security updates disabled, you can get them all updated by running the following software update command in the Terminal:

    sudo softwareupdate -i -a –include-config-data

    You should restart afterwards to make sure they activate properly.

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