Trump targets Google following Thiel allegations

From Axios:

President Trump tweeted Tuesday that his administration “will take a look” at billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel’s statement over the weekend that Google should be federally investigated for allegedly aiding the Chinese military.

Thiel asked

“Number one, how many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated your Manhattan Project for AI?

“Number two, does Google’s senior management consider itself to have been thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence?

MacDailyNews Take: Regulation and oversight are coming to big tech.


  1. That’s a laugh. If the senile man-baby didn’t actually directly cooperate with the Russians – or attempt to – he’d be one of very few of in his administration who didn’t… and that is very hard to believe.

    1. Can you send me a link to who and how Trump colluded / cooperated with the Russians? I’d like to verify your hear-say (“evidence”). All the evidence of Trump Russian collusion is in a saddle on a Blue Unicorn. I’m assuming you found it and can share it with us?

      1. Rather than down voting, how about sending a link to the evidence. If you can’t do that, then you just want to believe it is true and haven’t formed your own opinions. Just using the opinions of others I guess. “Everybody knows it’s true, so I don’t have to know for myself, just follow the crowd”


        Let’s just start here, Confused one. Fourteen Trump campaign associates interacted with Russian contacts. Paul Manafort, his campaign manager, is well known to have been in bed with Russian and Ukranian oligarchs, including Konstantin Kilimnik, who is a Russian intelligence agent.

        Donny “The Dope” Junior had his infamous meeting with a Russian agent in an attempt to buy campaign dirt from a known foreign operative. Their one and only defense is that they didn’t know that was illegal. Note that one of the several Russians that attended the meeting was Irakly “Ike” Kaveladze, who just so happens to be an associate of Aras Agalarov. Remember those names.

        Why would Trump bow to Russians? Money obviously. He was in active negotiations to the Russians to get permission to build a tower in Moscow, and he needed to grease the local politicos to do that. Trump was working to make deals with rich Russians for years. Back in 2013, Trump took the Miss Universe pageant to Moscow, where he got in bed with Aras Agalarov, one of the richest oligarchs and a friend of Putin’s. But the business deals didn’t stop with the stage show for silicone enhanced women. Agalarov was the conduit Trump wanted to access Russian money. After 7 bankruptcies in the USA, and wearing out his welcome at Germany’s DeutchBank, Trump needed new creditors.

        Why would Russia bother dealing with Trump the presidential candidate? Because after Putin illegally annexed Crimea in 2014, western nations including the USA issued sanctions that hurt Putin’s cash flow. Russians were working overtime to identify a corruptible presidential candidate that they could buy off to get sanctions lifted. Trump fit their needs perfectly. So what a surprise when Trump issued nothing but sweet talk for Russia, while Russian trolls spread FUD on Facebook and other social media to destroy much more qualified republican candidates. To this day, whenever anyone questions Trump, a chorus of Russian trolls spins the narrative to completely unrelated topics, usually something about an irrelevant democrat or how America needs to be monocultural and white. The foreign troll farm has grown in power, while Trump has actively undermined US intelligence agencies to stop it.

        And what does this have to do with making America great? Well, when the president has financial incentive to foreign powers, then he can’t be working on behalf of US citizens. It wasn’t the first time. G. Dubya Bush looked the other way when Stillwater Mining was bought by Russians. This company appears to be at least one camel nose underneath America’s tent. Kaveladze, a boardmember of the now Russian-owned Stillwater, appears to be involved in a $1.4 billion money laundering scheme operated through Stillwater and several US shell companies. It is still under investigation where that money went — or rather, how much of that money went to unregulated US political organizations.

        As usual, Trump isn’t shy about boasting that he has ties with these people. “I was with the top-level people, both oligarchs and generals, and top-of-the-government people,” he said in a radio interview in 2015. “I can’t go further than that, but I will tell you that I met the top people, and the relationship was extraordinary.” All the more reason to show us the tax returns as promised, right Mr. Trump?

        Incidentally, Trump also bragged that he took the opportunity to troll through the Miss Universe pageant changing room to view the contestants undressed. Just typical behavior of a mouth breathing slimeball who treats women like objects to be collected.

        For your information, the Mueller investigation handed off several investigations to the FBI and more indictments of Trump associates are almost certain. The real reason Trump himself hasn’t been indicted is because Mueller believes based on longstanding legal precedent that a sitting president cannot be brought up on charges while in office. If a president commits a felony, he can only be impeached by Congress, which as we know is still partly held by Lyin’ McConnell, a man so corrupt that he admitted that his goals were to make the other party’s president a one-termer and to obstruct all democrat-proposed legislation and court nominees. So much for making America great. McConnell, like Trump, is only out to make himself more powerful. When Trump is out of office, he will face lawsuits and criminal charges that will make your head spin. Even McConnell judges will throw Trump under the bus then. The long arm of the law may be slow, but it’s powerful.

        1. I guess Mueller and every investigation missed these points. I wonder why Mueller found no evidence? You know, the one who hated Trump and had access to all the classified information and investigated for over 2 years. If only Mueller had read the Chicago Tribune.

        2. Dear Confused, you haven’t read the Mueller Report, have you. Most of what the Chicago Trib reported is in the Report. It is a lie to say that Mueller found no evidence of collusion. There was plenty of evidence, but not enough to ensure a conviction, particularly given the noncooperation of most key witnesses still in the Trump orbit.

          There is, however, no evidence to suggest that Mueller hates Trump or that Peter Thiel has any regard for the First Amendment. Like Trump, he believes that rich men should be able to sue non-obsequious voices into bankruptcy.

        3. You have clearly been consuming only Faux news and alt-right bs if you think Mueller found nothing.

          The report clearly states that Trump obstructed justice at least 10 times.

          Russia confirmed to have interfered in 2016 election

          the FBI has many leads showing additional links to foreign and domestic corruption

          Trumps campaign manager, and his personal lawyer, and several advisors have been convicted of felonies

          Trump and his team repeatedly lied about contact with Russia

          over 30 russian operatives identified and charged

          Trump committed campaign finance violations to cover up affair with porn star shortly after his foreign born trophy wife gave birth

          and to top it all off, Tweeter in Chief lies at a confirmed rate higher than any known politician. coincidence? nope

        4. Dear Mike:

          Fake-o crappo is all you’ve postulated.

          Every incoming administration establishes and has established contact with the Russian government and other countries as well. To not do so would be stupid and would delay any progress to be made in working with them to reach agreements.

          Your allegations regarding prosecution after Trump’s presidency are fallacious and silly. Barry Owebama, on the other hand, may well face great difficulties along with Comey, Brennan, the Clintons, et al as we see the slow, surgical opening of the crooks who really worked under cover to skew the 2016 election in favor of the hated hag.

          Let’s see who is right. Coming to your screens in 2021.

        5. no previous presidents courted Russian oligarchs favor before and during their campaigns, and lied incessantly to the American people about it, and then instructed many members of his staff, including the few who aren’t blood related, to cover up and refuse to respond to legal subpoenas. even former presidents with Alzheimers knew enough to stfu and pick a low level colonel under the bus when scandals were uncovered. Trump is actively creating dozens of enemies who will gladly reveal all. What long term damage this will cause America is anyone’s guess.

          This isn’t about right versus left. It has everything to do with the cowardly GOP allowing a con man to make a mess of everything while di-nothing McConnell holds his nose and focuses on enriching himself like the swamp creature he is. Dipshitocrats aren’t the enemy, they aren’t even relevant, they are merely the mirror image clowns in a completely corrupt institution that needs more than ever to fill corporate media with vile soundbites. both extremes are equally nasty. but let’s face it: the potus is by far worse with the blatant untruths and extreme fear mongering. why is anyone protecting the most nasty antagonist ever to sit in federal office, one at least as corrupt as Nixon?

          the executive branch is supposed to be monitored and checked by the people’s representatives, Congress. with every day, Trump supporters undermine democracy, instead supporting a multiple bankrupt carnival barker who has precisely one “win”: signing the biggest corporate giveaway in recent history without bothering to reduce spending, putting America on an accelerated path to bankruptcy itself.

          as long as tweet man entertains the knuckle draggers addicted to misdirects and online FUD, they think their savior is in the white house. or maralago on taxpayers’ dime, good enough for them. news flash: the stock market isn’t going up forever; and the prez didn’t do anything to set up America for a more prosperous long term future.

        1. confused about what. Mueller said he found no evidence of any US Citizen colluding with Russians and then on the “Obstruction” part he didn’t go one way or another. So it had nothing to do with DOJ policy of prosecuting a president on collusion. Can we at least agree on what Mueller said ?

        2. No, I can’t agree with your mischaracterization of the Mueller report.
          I understand why you are confused. Cultist are rarely grounded in reality. I know it is hard to justify your devotion to a monster in spite of the evidence of your own eyes.

        3. If it does not say what I think? What does it say? “Trump directly worked with Putiin on Feb 15th, and transferred several documents”? I keep hearing from all you conspiracy theorists that trump colluded with Russians but none can provide me a quote from the Mueller report every. You just say “read the report”. Have you? Provide a link from the report.

        4. Confused, have you ever heard the expression “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence?” You keep insisting that Mueller concluded that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian Federation. That is incorrect for two reasons:

          First, the Report expressly states that the Special Counsel did not investigate “collusion,” because that is a word with no agreed meaning and no legal consequences. If the investigation found no evidence of collusion, it would not be surprising because it was not looking for any.

          Second, what the Counsel investigated was whether there was enough evidence of “criminal conspiracy” to lead a cautious prosecutor to file charges with a reasonable prospect of conviction. The Report details dozens of contacts between the campaign and the Russians that most reasonable people would regard as examples of collusion. The Counsel concluded that there was insufficient evidence to obtain a conviction for conspiracy (not at all the same as “no evidence”) because many key witnesses were stonewalling, others had a credibility problem, and some key actors were so arguably ignorant of the law that it might be hard to prove criminal intent.

          That of course raises the question of whether the reason the Counsel could not put together a conspiracy case was that someone was coordinating an effort to obstruct justice. As the Report says, if they had NOT found compelling evidence of obstruction, they would have said so… which they pointedly did not say. Instead, they said that Justice Department rules prohibited the filing of charges against a sitting President and then listed over a dozen episodes that would—-in the opinion of over a thousand former Federal prosecutors, Republican and Democrat alike—have led to the indictment of anybody else.

          So, again, Mueller did not exonerate Trump as you have claimed. Read the Report if you do not believe me. There is no point in providing you with quotes or links to individual paragraphs because you would then claim they were taken out of context.

        5. So the gist of your claims is that you are guilty until proven innocent and the fact that Mueller did not find a crime does not mean he is not guilty. Maybe instead of reading the Mueller report you should start with the constitution. Just because you want to believe some conspiracy doesn’t make it true. Mueller tried very hard to find ANYTHING on trump and could not. I am still waiting for one of the Trump Conspiracy theorists to even tell me what they think he supposedly did.

          Go ahead, give it a shot. What do you think he did? Just some vague conspiracy about “doing bad things that Mueller can’t prove but you know he must have done because he is guilty of ‘something’ until proven innocent”.

          Once again. Tell me what trump did without resorting to vague claims.

          Say something like: “On May 15 Trump accepted a suitcase full of cash from Putin”. On June 3, Trump and some Russian cronies hacked the voting machines and changed votes. Go ahead give it a shot. What did trump do other the the stories you have in your head that you have no idea what they are other than “bad things”.

        6. Confused: you need to stop with the victim attitude. nobody’s presumed guilty in this nation. Trump whines incessantly however that as a wannabe dictator, he should be allowed to have obvious business conflicts without revealing what foreigners pay him. he insists that he should be able to hang out with corrupt oligarchs without the US voter knowing about it. Trump benefits from an entire troll farm providing him fake political support for his erratic assaults on common decency, and that apparently convinces you that there is no need to understand the truth. Trump is a proven liar who has signed exactly zero reforms into law in the last 1.5 years. unless you count farmer welfare. nobody from his own party wants to work with him. America deserves a competent centrist to get things done. DC has never been as scummy as when Trump rolled into town with his clown circus.

        7. here we go again. Nothing specific. Let me summarize what you say is wrong with Trump:

          Trump whines incessantly
          a wannabe dictator
          obvious business conflict
          without revealing what foreigners pay him
          he should be able to hang out with corrupt oligarchs
          troll farm providing him fake political support
          erratic assaults on common decency
          Trump is a proven liar
          nobody from his own party wants to work with him
          DC has never been as scummy as when Trump rolled into town

          Guilty I guess. (Whatever that means).

          Why can’t I ever get something specific from you Trump Russia Conspiracy theorists.

          Once again. Trump is bad because everyone knows he did “it”.

          Try again.

        8. Confused:

          so you’re too lazy to look for yourself? fine. here you go, any onenof these 10 incidents are impeachable offenses:

          there is much more behind the smokescreen to be sure, but until Trump cronies show up to testify as legally required by subpoena, and until Trump provides his tax returns, you won’t get the “specifics” to satisfy your shocking lack of need to see proof.

          funny how the Trumpistas meanwhile spent 8 years demanding to see Obama’s birth certificate, which he provided, and let Starr spend years investigating Slick Willy’s consenting affairs. but extramarital sex and obstruction of justice and lying is okay since Trump changed over to the GOP. no need for government transparency when the swamp is filled with red scum.

        9. once again right in the title: “Potential Obstruction”. In the Constitution you can’t be charged with potential crimes.

          “Mueller did so even as he declined to make a traditional judgment about whether Trump committed a crime.”

          So once again. What did he do? You keep sending me on wild goose chase to nowhere. I am not going to chase down some conspiracy theory.

          Just because you want to believe that “declined to make a judgement about whether trump committed a crime” means trump is guilty as sin of “something”.

          You can keep believing. The reason you keep sending me someplace else to do my “research” is because you haven’t done it, and you have no clue what you even think he did.

  2. Yet you Trump lemmings believe Pizzagate, Obama tapped Trump Tower phones, Obama wasn’t born in the US, climate change is a Chinese hoax, Mueller is part of the deep state and now – Google is conspiring with the Chinese. That’s only a short list of Alex Jones (close friend of Trump) style conspiracy theories. Just the fact that Trump mentions Thiel is a ‘billionaire’ cancels out his ridiculous tweet. Just more distraction from the Epstein scandal.

  3. Please People! The underlying premise is the neo-Red scare. I don’t fall for it because Russia is no threat. The real, existential threat to Russia is NATO led by the US who are surrounding it with missiles.

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