1. I’d like to see a colorful Apple logo but not necessarily the old rainbow logo. That logo was good for its time but it is SO “8-bit”. 🙂

    I also wouldn’t mind an update to the logo to make the Steve Jobs inside the bite Apple logo version official.

        1. No, the subject for you is and always has been making personal attacks, rather than dealing with factual issues. Tim Cook’s sexuality is irrelevant to his performance as CEO of Apple, yet you keep bringing it up… the same way that your Idol keeps bringing up the ethnicity of people who disagree with him. Such profoundly un-American behavior really is relevant to his performance as CEO of our nation. As much as you both might hate to admit it, people whose ancestors are not from Northern Europe are just as American as you are. People who are gay are just as American as you are. Some of them are much better Americans than some of your role models. If you want to appear American, rather than a Russian troll seeking to sow dissention, try to keep up.

          1. “No, the subject for you is and always has been making personal attacks, rather than dealing with factual issues.”

            Only the intellectually challenged post absolutes. No, I posted “factual issues!”

            Cook is gay.
            Logo has rainbow colors.
            Cook is a SJW.
            ALL DRY FACTS!

            NOTHING you posted in condescending fashion I don’t already know. Except for a five year stint at one job, I have consistently worked for gay managers since 1989. My current gay manager is from Paris working in the U.S. and he is incredible. Also, I have many gay relatives and friends that I go out to dinner with occasionally and hang out.

            So don’t LECTURE ME on gays and makeup of Americans! 😡 👊🏻 Your HATRED for President Trump always gets the best of you. Another off topic thinly veiled guilt by association DIG at our great president. You just can’t help yourself and always enjoy when it gets under your skin.

            Bottom line: The issue is the return of the rainbow Apple logo, or not. Stay on topic and TRY TO KEEP UP… 🤣

            1. You do know that “Some of my best friends are (whatever)” is as classic a cop-out as “Why don’t you go back to (where ever)?” As I once heard someone say, “Some of my best friends are lesbians, but I wouldn’t want my sister to marry one.”

              The issue isn’t whether you have gay friends, but whether you drag their sexuality into contexts where it simply is not relevant. You consistently bring up Tim Cook’s orientation as if it were a problem, just as every racist drags ethnicity into discussions where it is utterly beside the point.

            2. No, the issue with USER IS ALWAYS misinterprets and reads things that are not there because of his PC misguided religion.

              Hey, I hear CNN is hiring…

  2. I grew up on Apple and I appreciate the logo changes over time, but there is no need to go to the rainbows. It was good at the time. Yes it may seem like the “acronym” type would want that rainbow to be the logo type again, but then the look / meaning of the rainbow Apple Logo does not represent the LGBQTZYTF#*@(@. So don’t bring it back or there will be those who can get be confused to what the rainbow Apple Logo really means. Apple represents everyone, artists, Tech heads, social workers, inventors, students, the little sponges, etc. No political views or arguments needed here. This is a computer, communication, entertainment company. Keep it real, enjoy what Apple is not what you think it should be.

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