Rumor: Apple working with BBC on Apple TV+ comedy series

Fay Richardson for Chortle:

Imelda Staunton is to star in the BBC’s first comedy co-production with Apple, Chortle can reveal.

Written by former stand-up Andy Wolton, the show has the working title Alabama and also features Darren Boyd and Phil Davis.

Production on the comedy drama is under way and the ‘major eight-part series’ will air worldwide next year on the tech giant’s new digital platform

…Apple’s total level of investment in [the UK] would be ‘meaningful … there is no requirement for Apple to operate in the UK, so it is significant that we are here,’ said Apple’s European creative director of worldwide video, former Channel  4 boss, Jay Hunt.

You can find out more about what Jay Hunt has to say about Apple TV here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple is now an entertainment company. Though it does still make Macs…


  1. Can’t get much more left wing than Apple and BBC working together. I can already guess the title of the first new show!

    Washington Woke!

    Freshman Congresswoman Corkie Martinez and her wacky imaginary puppet pals navigate the harsh realities of life in Washington DC. Always fashionably dressed, with Apple Watch on wrist, latest slim MacBook in backpack, and carrying Apple iPad, where she gets FaceTime group video calls from her puppet friends while trying to stomp out the evil orange haired President of the U.S. with his evil witch First Lady.

    In the first episode, Nancy the old crow puppet asks, “Gee Corkie, what good is this dusty old Constitution if it can’t keep us safe from guns?” Hilarity ensues.

    I think there might be a magic talking flute that turns oil into pot. If they can get it past the lawyers.

    1. Jeez! Get a grip!

      You do know that the states with the lowest educational levels, poorest health and worst poverty are deep red states? And, no, it isn’t because they have been persecuted by New York and San Francisco.

      1. Actually I’m in California.. the most blue. We top the poverty and homeless lists. In the bluest of cities. San Fran, LOS ANGELES, Seattle.

      2. Oh and we’re pretty much at the bottom of education as well. But that’s understandable as hardly any of the students speak English, and if you try to make learning English a priority so they can learn effectively, they call it racism. Dumbest state in the union.

  2. Let me guess, it’s about a bunch of toxic white boys being terrible human beings, while a white pretty female lead and her “people of color” social circle demonize them using various comedic clichés.

  3. it will be a comedy about a once great computer company where the leadership was recently taken over by the logistics department head. “The Office” meets “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”; Golden tickets to random users win a chance to design the next iPhone. Episode 3 The mac pro and the 1k stand. Jokes on you (the user) jack

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