IBM is buying Red Hat for $34 billion

David Shepardson for Reuters:

International Business Machines Corp said on Tuesday it has closed its $34 billion acquisition of software company Red Hat Inc as it looks to ramp up its cloud computing business.

Ginni Rometty, IBM chief executive since 2012, has steered the company toward faster-growing segments such as cloud, software and services and away from traditional hardware products, but not without a bumpy journey. The newer areas of focus have sometimes underwhelmed investors.

MacDailyNews Take: I had this dream. It was 1985 and I had the choice of operating systems from Apple, IBM or Microsoft…


        1. Um, the last server we built cost over 100,000$ . i am sure the company we sourced it from made plenty of profit on it. runs red hat too. get real. apple toys are still cool though.

          1. When I say that, I’m thinking of the AWS low profit numbers (earnings report) when compared to anything Apple does. The Amazon AWS numbers do not match the hype….

    1. Right up until the day you realize in the fine print that your data is not guaranteed to be secure, private, nor available.

      Trusting your data to the lowest bid cloud purveyors are foolish beancounter moves. In the long run, renting is ALWAYS more expensive, often in ways you will never predict from the snazzy sales pitch.

      I recommend you learn more about how many security breaches and full scale company implosions have happened thanks to cloud fuckups and slimy saas companies.

      Bottom line: outsource only what is not core to your business success. Control what matters with your own people.

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