Watch: Apple’s latest iPhone ad calls Face ID lazy, like, ‘nice’

Apple continues to develop its humorous iPhone ‘blip-vert’ advertising campaign around short, bite-sized messages with clarity and warmth.

The latest ad features Face ID. The narrative sees a guy and his dog lying down by the river enjoying the sunshine – or, they would be if the iPhone message time didn’t keep chiming.

In response, the man raises his deckchair slight to stare into his iPhone which is balanced against a glass of water. Face ID kicks in and lets him read the messages right there. It seems his friend Craig is waiting for him. Lazily the man and his dog go back to sleep, while the soundtrack repeats the word “nice”.

You can watch it here:

Here are three more great Apple ads from across the ages:

MacDailyNews Take: Apple has always been big on making distinctive ads with a little humor injection, and long may it do so…


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