Stop whining about iPhone 11’s square camera ‘bump’

Zach Epstein for BGR:

In the time since Apple’s new iPhone 11 design first leaked, I’ve seen so many people whining about this new square camera array…

Look… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this movie and it always ends the same way. Always. Apple does something new and people whine incessantly when they first see it. Then they buy it and forget all about it. Why? Because Apple sets the standard in consumer electronics, so whatever Apple does becomes the new norm.

Remember when people first saw Apple’s notched display on the iPhone X in 2017? Do you remember how bad the whining was? People absolutely lost their minds and flooded social media with complaints. You could practically see the veins bulging out of their necks as you read their comments. Heck, even I hated the notch design the first time I saw it. Then when I bought myself an iPhone X, I ate crow because in reality, it was a great design. That’s why just about every Android phone maker on the planet stole it…

MacDailyNews Take: We couldn’t agree more. Apple always sets the industry standard, no matter how much the propagandists argue against that.


  1. Don’t stop complaining. How else will Apple know that the design they count on to sell iPhones gas fallen flat. Many people put covers on their phone so it really is on the case makers to make the Device look good.

    1. People put covers on their iPhones because they’re shit scared they’ll drop them and break them.
      I’ve never seen a cover that makes an iPhone look better – they look incredible as they are…naked.

    2. iPhone sales have fallen flat because the hardware has become too expensive for most people and has very little to do with lack of features or camera bump. Most people simply do not have a need for a $1000+ smartphone.

      There are always a small group of complainers with loud voices. They don’t necessarily represent the majority who intend to buy an iPhone. They’re entitled to their own opinions and maybe when they get their own smartphone company they can create better product designs than Apple.

      1. @Mcnificient. The long-lived notion that “people don’t like apple devices because they’re broke.” You might rethink this argument if you actually took 5 minutes of basic research. A brand new Galaxy S10 5G costs a whopping $1,300. The new Huawei P30 Pro $800. Just about every new Android device hovers near The 1K threshold. Yet, cost aside, Apple continues to lose marketshare. Why? Because smartphones have essentially become a commodity. It’s no longer enough to use your brand name to carry your sales afloat. There comes a time when innovation becomes a necessity.

      1. The iPhone only has one camera, which has three lenses. Now that we have that straightened out, it looks to me that you could easily squeeze at least 24 lenses onto the back of the phone, and probably even more, although I suspect the unit would be close to twice as thick.

        1. Phil Schiller says one wide and one telephoto 12MP Camera on the current flagship, going up to 3? 4 camera’s?……..Apples needs to call it a day……

          1. Samsung will eventually have about five camera sensors on its flagship models and the tech-heads will love that. It will be wonderful to have an infrared camera and fisheye camera available for just those critical moments to get the perfect shot.

  2. Want to sell more iPhones? Well, then Apple needs a little more courage (wink at Phil Schiller)
    a) get rid of the camera bump (make the iPhone thicker)
    b) put in a bigger battery (make the iPhone thicker)
    c) bring back Touch ID (in addition to Face ID)
    d) bring back the headphone jack
    e) get rid of the notch
    It took Apple years to understand what MacPro the customers want. (Apple could have just asked me and be done with it!) Apple doesn’t always understand the customers. Apple does set standards but not always because they are good, but sometimes just because Apple has the power to do so.
    I find most disturbing about Apple that they reduce there products to the max so that one needs an adapter for everything: SD-Card, external monitor or projector, headphones with headphone jack, DVD-drive, LAN cable… – I find it sometimes ridiculous.

    1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Apple has lost the script by taking away features that people enjoyed. All in a crass attempt to sell overpriced wireless accessories in the quaint little Apple boutiques.

    2. “Apple could have just asked me”
      It’s so cute when old people who have never successfully designed a phone provide their backwards ideas about what a phone should be 🙂

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