Walter Isaacson: ‘Steve Jobs said Tim Cook’s not a product guy’

Mitchel Broussard for MacRumors:

“Particularly, Jobs was said to have criticized current Apple CEO Tim Cook for not being a “product person.” According to Isaacson, “Steve says how Tim Cook can do everything, and then he looked at me and said, ‘Tim’s not a product person.'”

“Isaacson said that he wanted to soften certain things that he thought were too harsh in his biography of Steve Jobs. The book first launched in October 2011, just 19 days after Jobs died from pancreatic cancer.

“Sometimes when Steve was in pain … and he was angry, he would say more things that [Cook] was not a product person,” recalled Isaacson. “I felt I would put in the specific things that were relevant to the reader but not the complaints.”

MacDailyNews Take: Tim Cook must be feeling the heat as the negative narrative grows, though Isaacson’s biography was far from insanely great.


  1. Cook is a competent CEO. What he isn’t is someone who is singularly focused on building insanely great products for his customers. He may think he is but he isn’t. 2 proofs. 1. We know why too much of Cook’s politics. Unlike Jobs, Cook uses his position at Apple to advance other agendas. This is fine to do, but it isn’t singularly focused. 2. Who has Cook fired other than Scott F? Jobs fired folks for not producing. Cook doesn’t. Too nice to be singularly focused and demanding of others to be so as well.

  2. Cook is a good CEO but he isn’t singularly focused on building insanely great products for his customers like Steve was. Two reasons as proof. First, we know too much about Cook’s politics. He has chosen to use his position at Apple to advance political and social issues that are important to him. Second, Cook hasn’t fired anyone since Scott F for screwing up something. Jobs got the most out of people in part by driving them to do their best or get canned. Cook is too nice.

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