Anticipating the Merger of Apple and Oracle

Rob Enderle for TechNewsWorld:

If you now think of Apple as a software and service company that relies on lock-in and price increases for revenue growth and customer retention, you basically have the consumer version of Oracle.

This is also ironic because Steve Jobs’ closest friend arguably was Oracle CEO and founder Larry Ellison.

Given that Apple and Oracle now are pretty much operating under the same overall customer model, I started to wonder whether the two firms should merge.

MacDailyNews Take:TL;DR: No.


  1. (Corrected)
    A merger with purely profit-based Ellison would likely be a lead up to a true death knell for Apple as a creative corporation.

  2. I’ve read, and argued with, Mr. Enderle for decades. He’s never gotten a major prediction about Apple correct. One of the worst was when he predicted right after Apple went to x86, that it’s sales would tank as a result. Almost as bad, when he was promoting the new Dell music player (he’s been paid by Dell for decades, something he’s admitted in the past), the Dell DJ. Ditty, as being the first music player that could overthrow the iPod. Yeah, right.

    And now this. I often wonder where he gets this from.

  3. Sounds like someone was under pressure to write something by Friday. Why not an think piece about Apple buying Toys Я Us so they can produce computers for toddlers? Makes a little less sense, but not much less.

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