Dow Jones Newswires reviews Apple’s iPadOS: The software your iPad has been waiting for

David Pierce for Dow Jones Newswires:

A new version of iPad software, called iPadOS, gives the iPad new powers and makes it more useful for multitasking and all kinds of work. It might still not feel exactly like your laptop, but it can now do just about everything your PC can. And, great news: The iPad doesn’t have a butterfly keyboard.

The new iPadOS launches officially this fall, but it is available now in a public beta. In my early tests, the software is a little buggy, and a lot of apps aren’t fully compatible, so please don’t install it on your primary device just yet. But iPadOS has already changed my opinion of iPads. Apple’s tablet still isn’t going to kill the Mac — but it might be all the computer you need.

A powerful web browser and file manager bring the iPad much closer to parity with the Mac. And, of course, the iPad already had a lot going for it, from its huge App Store to the Apple Pencil. The rest of iPadOS is about making all that stuff easier to use.

MacDailyNews Take: iPad + iPadOS = The personal computer for the masses.


  1. People scoff when I say the best computer is the one you don’t see even as they see the ‘computer’ disappearing right before their own eyes. Pun intended.

    1. Exactly. They are tools, not ends in themselves. If an iPad does what you need done, great. If it requires a 2019 Mac Pro, that’s great, too. The focus should be on output, not on the equipment and workflows used to get there. If the device becomes the focus, there is something wrong… and the fault may not be just in the device.

        1. But for most people the ‘network computer’ satisfies their needs. Whether it is on their iPad, iPhone or even a laptop, most people use it as an information gathering or sharing device.

          1. Go do a survey of a million users. The internet, games, social media and email. Collecting photos.
            None of those things require a Mac Pro or a ‘PC’.
            As soon as the network became the ‘computer’, computers became unnecessary for most people.
            And yes, people will still buy trucks with dual rear axles. The bed will be pristine 3 years later. and of course there are people that need dual rear axles on a truck. That doesn’t change the basic fact that for every need there is 1000 wants.

          2. Or it can be objectively demonstrated.
            Curation is limiting by definition. Lack of upgradability is another, lack of headphone jack another, lack of line in on a speaker yet another.

            1. We have heard your objections many times on this forum, applecynic. They have some validity…Apple has made some design decisions which seem unwise. But you seem to feel the need to interject your gripes on every topic, even when they are not relevant.

              In this case, the iPadOS have opened up new functionality on the iPad which makes it a more versatile tool. As a result, more people will find it sufficient for their general computing/internet needs. That is the story, plain and simple. No one contends that laptops or desktops are no longer needed. And no one contends that Apple devices are perfect as they currently exist.

              You are aptly self-named. You are truly cynical.

            2. Dear Mel…
              For every one of me there are several who defend censorship and user hostile design decisions. IMO this behavior is to be discouraged and I will harp on this as long as it’s true.

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