Apple swoops in to rescue

Via The Motley Fool:

Just days before self-driving car startup was set to shut down permanently, Apple comes to the rescue to acquire the struggling company. Apple was reportedly in talks to buy the company weeks ago, and has now pulled the trigger. The Mac maker has been working on autonomous driving technology for years, but its ultimate goal remains shrouded in mystery.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s acquisition is certainly great news for!


  1. An actual Apple Car would be an astounding success; The world’s major auto makers would be agape, surprized, and perhaps chagrined. Just as Apple’s designs its devices and hires others to manufacture it, Apple’s method would be the same with its car, this, in contrast to the majors who also assemble. This was its MO with the Spaceship; now the car whose space between the door and the frame would be super minimal — and a selling point — just as in the Spaceship.

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