Xiaomi uses Apple Memoji ad to push ‘Mimoji’ clone, says it was ‘accident’

Tianyu M. Fang for Caixin Global:

Xiaomi’s augmented-reality avatar set, Mimoji, is definitely not a clone of Apple’s Memoji — they just look very similar and happen to share identical-sounding names — the Chinese company clarified last week.

But ads for Apple’s Memoji and Apple Music have been embedded on Xiaomi’s product page for the Mi CC9 smartphone on e-commerce platforms JD.com and Suning, in lieu of original Xiaomi graphics, a Weibo user found on Friday.

MacDailyNews Take: So, what was that discussion about Chinese firms and respect for intellectual property again?


  1. what is it about the chinese that explains their wholesale theft of everything from american movies to american ideas to american software to american hardware to american design to american research to american military secrets to american silicon valley secrets to america’s space program technology to american american american american america. everything but america’s freedom of speech

    1. Vladimir Lenin, the murderous Communist Marxist, who assassinated the entire family of the Russian ruling family in 1917 to begin the Evil Empire, the predator nation, the USSR, the Soviet Union, famously quipped: “When the end comes, we will sell the capitalist nations the rope with which they will hang themselves.” After 130,000,000 people in toto have died under various Communist regimes, including the current ones, the Chinese Communist government fully intends to hang the USA economically, militarily, intellectually, but never morally. That is your answer for “what is it about the chinese (sic) that explains their wholesale theft of everything…” Unless we vigorously block their efforts they will use whatever means they can exploit to reach their goal. We should pursue negotiations with vigor, but be fully prepared to stop ALL trade with them should it become the only tool we have left to stop the theft, spying, deaths, et al.

    2. And we are helpless on that fronts. We can innovate everything and anything but stealing is what we can’t stop. Chinese spies are everywhere into our labs, corporation, military. They bought real estates which driving up the prices, so Americans can’t afford. Even have their babies born in our lands, so when the kids turn 18, they would sponsor their parents to the US.
      Chinese’s INVASIONS at our heals.

  2. 5 posts all nail it. I’ve often wondered about the Chinese government and this behavior. Might be they have long memories of the Opium Wars and have a huge chip on their shoulder against Britain and to a lesser extent the US.

    We best get out all manufacturing as quickly as possible.

    1. “as quickly as possible” in this case, of course, meaning NEVER.
      Older generations didn’t do anything to prevent where we are currently, they just sat back and let it happen.

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