Jeff Williams shows interest in product ‘look and feel’ says WSJ

Roger Fingas for AppleInsider:

Jeff Williams has “shown interest in products’ look and feel,” said the Wall Street Journal (paywall), citing people who’ve previously worked with the executive.

The decision to install Williams as Ive’s effective replacement is due to Apple’s difficulty of finding anyone outside of the executive team who can take the role with any real effectiveness, as Ive had to lead a team to conceptualize products then create them into physical products, followed by collaborating with software, hardware, and operations teams to get it produced.

“It would be almost impossible to find someone who can really replace Jony Ive, Technalysis analyst Bob O’Donnell advised..

More in the article (recommended) here (paywall).

MacDailyNews Take: You can’t replace the irreplaceable Ive, but perhaps Williams can use this chance?


  1. Jeff Williams is next in line to be CEO. While only a few years younger than Cook, it would still be a logical choice, as he has most knowledge of all the operations at Apple, like Tim Cook had before under Jobs.

      1. Sure, find someone else. I have not hard of any young people in the likes of Steve Jobs, or even Bill Gates. Apple could not find anyone good in the 1990s. Nobody has risen after 2000, because hardware and software is hard. So let’s just get rid of Cook & Williams who have made Apple a steady company. Yes, I don’t agree with the current product line up, but until someone can show me other capable people inside or outside Apple, these guys should steady the ship until a visionary can come along. I always thought someone like Tony Fadell could do it, head Apple. But once gone from Apple, would they want him back? And people seem to hate Scott Forstall, while I thought he could be great, but he’s on to other ventures. Show me the people!

  2. Bring back some lost color and some lost dimension. When Cook leaves, then Forstall can return because Ive bristled in Forstall’s presence.

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