How to make two bootable macOS versions on one external SSD

From the Eclectic Light Company:

Sometimes having an external drive that can boot one version of macOS isn’t enough: you want it to boot two (or even more). Once you have got past the confusing terms and tripwires in Disk Utility, this should prove fairly simple to set up.

    • Format SSD in APFS
    • Partition the volume you create
    • Split the volume in two
    • Launch Terminal and type: diskutil list external
    • Run your macOS installers (Catalina and Mojave?)and install each on separate partitions.
    • Now you have two bootable versions of macOS on one SSD.

More details (Recommended).

MacDailyNews Take: The more we learn about our Macs the more we want to learn – and this is an incredibly useful resource if you are managing multiple Macs.

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