Rumor: Apple plans a foldable… iPad?

Benjamin Mayo for 9to5Mac:

It’s not clear if the foldable iPad would be a bending single screen experience like the Samsung and Huawei phone prototypes, or if it would be closer to a laptop form factor with dual screens, with a display on each part of the case, presumably instead of a physical keyboard.

The product would apparently feature MacBook sized screens, which isn’t too much of a stretch given that the iPad Pro already tops out in a 12.9-inch size. However, it is easy to imagine how an iPad mini-sized product that could unfold to a 13- or 15-inch screen would be compelling.

The foldable iPad would also support 5G cellular radios for fast mobile internet browsing according to the analyst.

Allegedly scheduled for 2020.

MacDailyNews Take: Allegedly scheduled for 2020? Hmm….


    1. And unlike touchscreen gadgets, you don’t need a silly kickstand or suffer with basically zero tactile typing feedback (yes even on Apple’s Stupid Covers) or be limited to a tiny screen or have your screen covered with fingerprints or have no ability to plug in any accessories or …. all the stuff that a proper laptop can offer if Apple designers put their thinking caps on.

  1. Id love a MacBook type device with another screen instead of a keyboard. That way you get a screen when you need it, maybe just a big huge trackpad or a keyboard. It could run Mac OS or iPad OS.

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