Apple’s plans to open retail stores in India just got a big boost (updated)

From Economic Times:

India’s plans to ease local sourcing rules in single brand retail are set to help Apple the most among other foreign companies such as OnePlus and Oppo wanting to open their own stores in India, said analysts and sector watchers…

Analysts and industry insiders lauded the decision as it would come to aid of Apple Inc, whose plans to opens its own outlets in India have been hanging fire for three years. Apple didn’t offer an immediate comment.

“Apple should be celebrating this. If anything, this makes is easier for them to ramp up their timelines for an India store,” said Rushabh Doshi, research manager at Singapore-based research firm Canalys told ET. An Apple store in time for the launch of the next iPhone will ..

In earlier news, Jonny Evans for Apple Must:

Apple hopes to start opening its own chain of retail stores across India next year [2019], with locations reportedly planned in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai.

“We’re not here for a quarter, or two quarters, or the next year, or the next year,” Tim  Cook said on a visit to the country in 2017. “We’re here for a thousand years.”


Also from Economic Times:

NEW DELHI: Apple is staring at its weakest year since 2015, with iPhone shipments falling a sharp 42% in the January-March quarter from a year before.

Although shipments rose threefold in April from levels in March owing to massive discounts, they declined in May and June, underlining Apple’s struggles in the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market, analysts said.

MacDailyNews Take: Markets grow, markets shrink, but Apple’s business long ago hit a level where only international expansion will provide the growth it needs to maintain its constantly increasing number of U.S. jobs.


  1. Interesting take from MDN differs from some Govt policy, certainly shows how much foreign markets are important to US economy and dealing with them isn’t something you want to use blunt instruments with even if the damage doesn’t show for years.

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