HomePod owners triggered by Apple’s new AirPod ad

Ben Lovejoy for 9to5Mac

HomePod owners are taking to Twitter to complain that the Hey Siri feature is being activated by Apple’s new AirPods commercial.

When the guy in the Bounce ad says Hey Siri at the beginning and asks it to play him something new, HomePods are being triggered…

Owners are not impressed..


Apple appears to have heard the complaints.

The YouTube version (below) of the ad (which shows an AirPod owner bouncing through the city streets) doesn’t include the ‘Hey Siri’ command, though you can still find the full version here.

MacDailyNews Take: Oops! Though I suppose we should be grateful HomePods didn’t immediately start buying products like Alexa has done.


    1. just tell your HomePod to shut up. No Big Deal. I will say that Vince seems a bit too upset about this. Hell, it’s better than a middle of the night creepy laugh with no command issued!

  1. Spied on a whiteboard at Apple…

    1) Sell the users a home product which responds to ambient voice commands.

    2) Flood the zone with television commercials featuring those voice commands to drive the users crazy.

    3) Sell the users a commercial-free television service.

    Soon, the circle of evil will be complete….

  2. I thought Hey Siri only worked with your voice after setup? I have a EcoBee thermostat with Alexa built in and had it get triggered a few times by the commercial not even saying or sounding like Alexa and shut it off.

    1. Hopefully neither of the voices you register will be close to that used by the CM or you still have the same problem. Best for them to leave out the ‘wake’ phrase altogether.

  3. Let’s face it, Siri and the rest of the voice spies represent another wave of betaware pushed onto users. YMMV but to most observers, Siri is a waste of time. Same with talking refrigerators and thermostats. Their usefulness is poor, annoyance high, and security questionable.

    Even if Siri was able to evolve in intelligence and tact beyond box o’ rocks status, it’s hard to think of an environment where internet-connected voice control is preferable. It annoys others for one. It drives up the prices for Apple gear as well, though likely Goigle and Amaslut are happy to deploy their marketing spies at a loss. Silicon Valley geeks think they’re so smart. I wish somebody would prank them. All one would have to do is issue random commands through any open window. Train a parrot to sit outside Zuck’s Hawaii estate and reprogram the A/C incessantly.

    Voice control in a world that is already too noisy is just a stupid idea. It really should be limited to accessibility and local function only.

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