Browse dozens of retro classic Mac screen shots from 1984 to 1999

Via OSXDaily:

Do you enjoy taking trips down computing memory lane? Why not take a gander at screenshots of old Macintosh Mac OS releases from yesteryear, like Mac OS System 1, System 4, System 7, and System 9?

A fun site called VersionMuseum hosts collections of screen shots from old software releases, including historical Mac OS versions.

If screenshots aren’t enough for you, don’t forget you can get hands on and actually run and experience many of these retro computing environments directly and easier than ever before, either in web browsers or through emulators…

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s a screenshot of the one that started it all:

Original 1984 Macintosh desktop (image: Wikipedia)
Original 1984 Macintosh desktop (image: Wikipedia)


  1. I remember once we were sitting in a Mac User Group meeting back in 1984 and we all went around saying what our favorit program was. Some said MacPaint, some said Airborne!, (Silicon Beach Software)
    When it was my friends turn he said Copy-2-Mac. We all got a laugh out of that one.

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