Intel might slash the price of its Core CPUs to counter AMD rivalry

Roland Moore-Colyerfor The Inquirer:

There’s a rumour doing the rounds that Intel might decide to slash the prices of its Core processors to stick two fingers up at AMD ahead of its third-generation Ryzen launch.

DigiTimes reports that Intel could shave 15 per cent off its prices to counteract the Ryzen 3000 launch next month.

At the top end, AMD’s Ryzen 9 3900X comes in at $499 (around £390), the same as Intel’s Core i9-9900K which AMD considers to be the equivalent rival chip.

Given Intel hasn’t reduced its prices directly in ages, there’s plenty of scope for this rumour to be a crock of crap. By reducing prices Intel would effectively be losing face to AMD but almost admitting it is worried about the competition.

MacDailyNews Take: Regardless, the picture is clear: Intel’s time has come and gone.

For Intel, the worst is yet to come.

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