Apple seeds watchOS 6 beta to select AppleSeed members

Malcolm Owen for AppleInsider:

Coinciding with the provision of public beta versions of its milestone operating systems to users, Apple has started to send AppleSeed invitations to users for watchOS 6, giving the company another way to collect feedback before publicly releasing the final version to users.

Emails are starting to be sent out to users advising they are invited by Apple to join the AppleSeed program for watchOS 6. The email advises participants will be able to test out pre-release software, and for users to provide feedback to the company.

While Apple does operate a public beta program that anyone can join, AppleSeed requires people to be invited to take part, allowing Apple to be more selective in the kinds of feedback it can expect back.

MacDailyNews Take: Also, as AI notes, AppleSeed is covered by Apple’s non-disclosure agreement, which limits what beta testers are able to report about their experiences. This allows Apple to potentially try out new, more widely-ranging, and perhaps experimental features beyond the traditional beta programs.

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