Pro Mac users explain why they’re buying Apple’s new Mac Pro

William Gallagher and Mike Wuerthele for AppleInsider:

You know if you’re in the market for a new Mac Pro… Apple talked to many such people during the process of designing the new machine. Now that it’s out and everyone can consider it, AppleInsider talked to the very type of users that Apple has aimed at with this new machine.

Not everyone could go on the record. We spoke with people from the Department of Defense, and we spoke with people such as photographers and editors whose work is sensitive and so can’t be identified.

However, we also spoke with people inside companies such as Adobe, who were happy to tell us publicly what we wanted to know. We talked with users who work in video editing, ones who already run their entire businesses on the previous Mac Pro, and ones who need to work with huge amounts of data and do so without delays…

Alongside the ability to save time in their work now, every person we interviewed sees the Mac Pro as an investment that will pay off over years.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, the new Mac pro appeals to those who need…


  1. This is an informative Youtube video by Jonathan Morrison without all the negativity regarding a computer than hasn’t even been tested by anyone outside of Apple:

    Exclusive – The 2019 Mac Pro Launch Review!

    For the average consumer, its obvious the Mac Pro isn’t the computer for them, so there’s no point in arguing about the high cost of owning one. The only thing I can tell is that there is great potential for those pro users to tap into and when time is money, they’ll likely earn back whatever they paid for the Mac Pro in a relatively short amount of time. Still, it’s always best to wait until the retail Mac Pro is tested and reviewed to draw any worthwhile conclusions. Cost aside, the specs should make this Mac Pro a beast. The current cheese-grater meme will be quickly forgotten by pro users who have much better things to do with their time.

  2. Obviously the Mac Pro Is only for people Who can Afford thr $6k for it, not any Normal perosn who wants a expandable mac That doesn’t have xeons, 128gb of ram and pro vid cards. What would happen if Apple put out a mac that’s $3k? a i9or i7 in it and more acceptable specs? You’d think they would sell more? Yes? maybe? I’ve spec’d a hackintosh for $1.5k, Apple can easily put out a Mac Pro, make more than 50% profit off of it. Will they? no. What a shame. Apple is more a Luxury Brand nowadays rather than a brand of the people. Waste.

    1. A “Mac Pro Mini” tower would be a great idea and fill in a gap in their lineup. But don’t count on Apple doing the obvious nor anything for those whose needs come in-between pro and consumer. Who needs all those stinking extra sales and consumer satisfaction anyway?

      1. I hope that Apple will follow the 2019 Mac Pro with something more mainstream. No doubt Apple will attempt to cash in on the pent up demand for expandable Mac Pros for a while before serving the midmarket, but there is a huge opportunity for a Mac tower with Core processors and moderate expandability for mere mortals to use.

        It certainly seems like Apple has ignored the obvious for way too long. Somebody in Cupertino wrongly thought that desktops were completely dead, and therefore Apple hasn’t bothered engaging with users who have needs that aren’t met with iMacs and aren’t willing to take out a second mortgage for a new Xeon cheese grater. Their self-fulfilling prophecy has held back the entire Mac platform for a decade, with much of the top app developers focusing on Windows first and foremost. Apple needs to bring more people back into the fold.

        Imagine if you will, Apple product managers, a mid sized tower designed for graphics artists and musicians and scientists who many need multiple large displays and a few PCI cards and a few internal drives. Drop an i9 chipset into it, price them slightly lower than iMacs — this will garner fatter margins since the most expensive thing about an iMac is the display — and sell them faster than you can make them.

        Duh. How hard can it be?

  3. “Apple hasn’t bothered engaging with users who have needs that aren’t met with iMacs”
    100% true. They didn’t invite people with the old cheese grater Mac Pro to their campus to talk about what they needed in the future. They invited folks using Apple’s current systems at the time (iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro) to ask them about what would suit their needs in an updated system. They examined their workflows, their use cases and have designed a system for those folks.

    This, I would hope, is REALLY the final nail in the coffin for those who were still holding out hope that Apple was going to have something for the tinkerer/enthusiast. It’s not going to happen. BUT… wait, you mean they’re NOT giving up? Why would anyone have any hope remain…

    Oh, I see.

    “Hopefully, Apple will NOW come out with the product I want that’s kinda like the MacPro, but this time cheaper and less powerful with less expandability”

    Guess they’re in for another 6 years wait to see that, once again, Apple’s got nothing for them?

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