Apple should follow Google’s lead and ‘leak’ the iPhone 11 design early

Michael Simon for Macworld:

It’s only June but already the fall smartphone wars are heating up. Apple last week unveiled iOS 13 and with it many of the new features that will grace the next iPhone, and now Google has one-upped the hype machine with an unprecedented reveal of the Pixel 4 months ahead of its presumed launch.

It’s a smart and savvy move. Smartphone makers have long wrestled with the reality that keeping a new handset secret until its launch is a futile effort… Leaks have become big business, and there’s very little Apple, Google, or anyone else can do to keep their latest creation under wraps.

If Apple were to “leak” an official render of the iPhone 11 over the summer, it would make instant headlines and cause a frenzy in the media. It would stop blurry spy shots and speculation. And I don’t think it would hurt sales either, since we all know it’s coming… But perhaps most importantly it would take some of the pressure off Apple to blow our minds in September.

MacDailyNews Take: Simon contends that if we all know for sure what the hardware will look like, the rumor mill can concentrate on the more difficult task of trying to suss out what that tri-lens square camera bump will actually offer users. Of course, we’ll also have the surprise of Apple’s next-get A-Series processor and more, too.

Since we already know pretty much exactly how it’ll look (below), Apple might as well get some summer doldrums bang for it’s buck with a good old-fashioned leak. We’d love it if they had an Apple engineer leave (a non-functional) “iPhone 11” in the Gourmet Haus Staudt!


  1. Isn’t this the year scheduled for a redesign? Like, they’re on a 3-year design schedule now, right? I for one would enjoy something new. Maybe a la iPhone 4 with a liquidmetal frame?

  2. Google needs to try to generate some excitement because they have no current sales. News of a great new iPhone is likely to cause many buyers to hold off buying now. Remember what happened to Osborne computer.

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