Goldman Sachs CEO is personally testing and sees ‘a lot of interest in’ Apple Card

Hugh Son for CNBC:

Apple has at least one happy customer of its new credit-card: Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon.

Solomon is personally testing the iPhone-linked credit card, which is set to be released this summer, the executive said in an interview with Carl Quintanilla at Recode’s Code Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona…

“The early feedback indicated that there will be a lot of interest in it when we finally do launch it later this summer,” he said.

MacDailyNews Take: The results of our Apple Card poll from last month speak volumes:

Will you apply for Apple Card poll results


    1. Having more than one credit card becomes vital if your credit card company decides to block your card for some spurious reason while you’re abroad. You can’t buy fuel from unattended petrol pumps and you can’t even check into some hotels which you have pre-booked unless you produce the credit card used to make that booking.

      I had exactly this situation. My initial reaction was to try contacting the call centre for that card, but there was a long queue and it would have cost me a lot to make such a lengthy call. Simply using a different card meant that I could continue without any problems and resolve the problem with that card once I got home. It turnsedout that their reason for blocking my card was a misunderstanding on their part.

      I’ve also had a credit card suspended for ‘security’ reasons while at home. I tried to by a Mac in Apple’s Black friday promotion and the transaction was declined even though I was massively within my credit limit. I used a different card and still got the bargain I was after. When I pressed for an explanation, my card provider claimed that it was an unusual transaction and they blocked it as a precaution. I pointed out that in the past year I had made at least six Apple purchases on that card so how could this one be regarded as unusual? They tried to fob me off by saying that for security reasons they are unable to discuss their decision making process. That’s when I decided they were about to become my ex-card provider.

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