What Apple knows about you

Ina Fried for Axios:

Apple pitches itself as the most privacy-minded of the big tech companies, and indeed it goes to great lengths to collect less data than its rivals. Nonetheless, the iPhone maker will still know plenty about you if you use many of its services: In particular, Apple knows your billing information and all the digital and physical goods you have bought from it, including music, movie and app purchases.

But even for heavy users, Apple uses a number of techniques to either minimize how much data it has or encrypt it so that Apple doesn’t have access to iMessages and similar personal communications.

In order to collect less data, Apple tries to do as much work on its devices as possible, even if that sometimes means algorithms aren’t as well tuned, processing is slower, or the same work gets done on multiple devices… Even if you store your images in Apple’s iCloud, Apple does the work of facial identification, grouping, labeling and tagging images on the Mac or iOS device, rather than on the service’s own computers… Some of the most sensitive data that your device collects, including your fingerprint or Face ID, stay on the device.

MacDailyNews Take: People who value their security and privacy choose Apple products and services.


  1. People who truly value their security and privacy aren’t stupid enough to put their private business into any company’s cloud, including Apple’s. The iCloud is a semi-reliable media server at best. If you think otherwise, then please show us in the Apple user agreement where accessibility, security, and privacy are guaranteed.

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  2. Apple has to know certain info about you to access your account in the cloud, unless you’re stupid enough to fill out those fake emails supposedly from Apple but if your fast enough you can change the password first but storing stuf on a drive you should have a backup or network drive and be put a good kicking desktop password.

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