CPU Shootout: Two top 8-core 2019 MacBook Pros

Rob Morgan for Bare Feats:

When doing CPU intensive tasks, is the 2019 MacBook Pro 15-inch with 2.4GHz 8-Core CPU much faster than the 2.3GHz 8-Core model?

Keep in mind that the 2.4GHz base frequency of the top 2019 15-inch 8-Core model is 4% faster than the 2.3GHz base frequency of the next level 8-core model. And the 5.0GHz Turbo Boost of the top model is 4% faster than the 4.8GHz Turbo Boost of the next level 8-core model… That does not always translate into the top model being 4% faster.

MacDailyNews Take: See the full article for the actual benchmarks. They are all fairly close, but may be of use for those with very specific needs (3D rendering, etc.).

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