After fixing the iOS volume HUD, Apple may fix another annoying iOS/iPadOS quirk

Ben Lovejoy for 9to5Mac:

Apple finally fixed the volume indicator in iOS 13, and Apple’s SVP of software engineering has indicated that the company may fix another full-screen annoyance – at least in iPadOS.

If you use Siri on the Mac, you get a small overlay in the corner of the screen. Do the same on the iPhone or iPad, however, and Siri takes over the entire screen. As iHelp BR spotted, that may change in a later version of iPadOS.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, it would be a better experience if Siri would not take the whole screen when active on an iPad.


  1. It’s not fixed in iOS. It’s moved so it obscures a different portion of the picture.

    YouTube’s version is much better (Just the small line at the top rather than a big bulky thing for no reason followed by a small line), but still not ideal.

    Just put it in the taskbar area where it belongs. It can replace the battery/antenna indicators while you’re changing it, then go away.

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