‘Commander Keen’ returns in a new mobile game from ZeniMax Online and Bethesda

Mikhail Madnani for Touch Arcade:

E3 2019 day one just ended and there were a few mobile game announcements and updates over the weekend. Bethesda just finished their #BE3 showcase that had updates on their console, PC, and mobile titles. The surprise announcement of the night is definitely Commander Keen for mobile. Commander Keen is one of id Software’s early franchises for DOS and more. It debuted through Commander Keen in Invasion of the Vorticons in 1990.

This will be the first release in the franchise since Commander Keen for Game Boy Color that was published by Activision. 18 years later, Commander Keen returns in the form of an iOS and Android game.

MacDailyNews Note: Check it out:

More info: https://www.gokeen.com


  1. E3 is so good this year. Keanu on Stage for CyberPunk 2077 was great. Game looks awesome. He should have a little pitfall puppy everywhere he goes. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is going to occupy me for a good chunk of 2019. Cause, “I’m a ghost too.” HalovInfinite gameplay trailer generated a great deal of emotion. The point where you hear the venerable 4 piano chords announcing the appearance of Master Chief, crowd went crazy. Cortana is back. Greatest love story between a super soldier and a super A.I. ever. Death Stranding looks outstanding.

    Commander Keen makes me want sugary breakfast cereal!

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