Apple is Forbes’ Most Valuable Brand in the World – for the 8th straight year

Kurt Badenhausen for Forbes:

Apple tops Forbes’ annual look at the world’s most valuable brands for the eighth straight year.

The brand of the tech titan is worth $182.8 billion by Forbes’ count, up 8% over last year. Apple is worth 38% more than second-ranked Google ($132.1 billion), although the gap in brand value between the Silicon Valley giants was three times greater in percentage terms just three years ago ($145.3 billion vs. $65.6 billion).

…Apple remains the gold standard for its ability to generate massive profits through premium pricing and insatiable demand for its products around the globe.

Forbes values brands on their financial merits instead of consumer surveys. Below is a breakdown of the top 100 brands by country, industry, gainers and more, plus a detailed methodology of our valuation process.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple. The world’s most valuable company, the world’s most valuable brand, and the maker of the world’s most advanced, most powerful desktop, mobile, and wearable operating systems. Total dominance.


  1. World’s most valuable company? Not by market cap. Apple sits comfortably in third place with Microsoft soaring away on cloud power. Ugh.

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