1. Can’t wait for the feature to be available. As it is now I maintain 2 email accounts: one (@me.com) where I trust the entity won’t share/sell my address with others, and the second (@aol.com) where I don’t trust the entity to keep my address private. Been using the @aol.com since 1993 and get 20 – 30 unwanted emails daily, on @me.com maybe two a month.

    Then I have registered with over a hundred sites over the years, maintains passwords for all that I continue to use is a hassle I’d like to eliminate. I DO NOT USE FACEBOOK, TWITTER OR GOOGLE TO SIGN IN FOR ANYTHING JUST BECAUSE.

    I will be using Sign in with Apple.

    1. Actually, I’d like some internal consistency with just Apple. I have a single Apple account which gets auto-conflated because of how Apple has migrated over the years … @me.com @mac.com @icloud.com – – its an utter headache and mess which doesn’t “Just Work”.

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