Bloomberg Op-Ed ludicrously claims ‘Apple’s developer conference glosses over developers’

Shira Ovide, ludicrously, for Bloomberg:

Apple Inc.’s worldwide developer conference revolves around — you guessed it — developers. Since Tim Cook became chief executive officer of Apple and master of ceremonies at the annual rite known as WWDC, he tends to kick off each conference by boasting about the millions of entities large and tiny that make apps for Apple products.

On Monday, Cook opened the conference by talking about developers for the first 79 seconds of his on-stage time, by my stopwatch. “We are so inspired by the millions of incredible Apple developers around the world,” Cook said. “You make the world a better place, and that is why we’re here this morning.”

Apple then spent the next 2 hours and 16 minutes talking mostly about itself. About Apple’s apps, Apple’s $12,000-and-up computer, Apple’s coming lineup of entertainment programming, Apple’s software refinements, Apple’s commitments to privacy…

Those 79 seconds Cook devoted to developers comes at a time when sales of new iPhones have flat-lined, which means Apple and its app makers have to try harder to persuade existing device owners to try new apps and pay for what developers are making. Given all that is going on, Cook’s quiet about developers was disquieting.

MacDailyNews Take: The stupidity is strong with this one. The keynote is not “WWDC.” (And, btw, much of the keynote discussion was about APIs and such that are expresssly for developers. Duh.)

At WWDC 2019, Apple is offering over 100 technical and design-focused sessions presented by Apple engineers to help you build the next generation of apps using newly announced Apple technologies. Developers can get in-depth details on how to implement new features, directly from the engineers who helped build the latest advances in Apple platforms. They receive guidance on the fundamentals, suggestions for coding issues, and more.

With WWWDC Consultations, developers can make an appointment to take their apps to the next level with one-on-one guidance from experts on user interface design, accessibility, app review, marketing, analytics, app distribution, and more. At WWDC 2019, developers are invited to engage in conversations around key topics with fellow developers and Apple experts. Developers get to meet new people, consider different ideas, and encourage each other to reach new heights.

During WWDC’s four-day run, devs explore a variety of perspectives and gain valuable insights through compelling presentations given by industry experts and luminaries. There are even fitness and evening events for developers attending WWDC, and third-party developer-focused events around the city.

In short, WWDC 2019 is ALL ABOUT DEVELOPERS. WWDC is much more than just the opening keynote, vapid Bloomberg Op-Ed scribbler.


  1. Why do teach press hacks write so often about stuff they know little or nothing about? Happens the majority of the time in my experience.

    “The stupidity is strong with this one.” As is the anti-Apple bias…

  2. it took me an hour to recover from reading the dumbness of the Bloomberg piece to respond.

    Doesn’t the author understand, in the keynote Cook is analogous to a dude trying to ‘sell the Mall’. he’s talking more parking, new facilities, the highway improvements to the mall etc and not too much about the ‘buyers or business owners’ of the Mall lots. BTW WWDC is not just the keynote.

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