1. I was personally hoping this would be in the guidelines. It will mean I don’t have to look past other options to get to the one I want.

    The fact is they have to go in some order and this is the most logical as Apple is the platform provider. It shouldn’t be seen as anti-competitive as you can still very clearly see all of the other options. What would be anti-competitive is Apple hiding these other options or not allowing them altogether. Users still get a clear choice, in fact they get more choice and more control than ever.

    I also have to wonder about the true motives of any developer that complains about Apple adding this new feature. Unless they need to leverage some additional feature from a social network (which they should make clear) there really shouldn’t be an issue with this.

    1. Totally support Apple here with top placement. They just have to make sure to match anything any other option offers as compensation for placement or risk possible repercussions later.

  2. is apple going to pay them for adding these buttons? in the same way google/facebook does via ad revenue?

    this is a lofty idea, its good, but how many developers actually care.

    1. Surprisingly many developers do care, having worked for a digital agency we found more people used a service when we did provide these options.

      These account authorisation options make it a lot easier for users to sign up to new services without having to enter all their data again and it means one less place to manage their data.

      For developers it’s important as it reduces the friction that can come with getting users to sign up to new services which is so important. It also means the user is to some extent authenticated already which further helps the developer. They also don’t have to create and manage accounts to such an extent.

      I don’t think Apple needs to pay anyone to get this feature adopted and on their own platforms it’s now part of the App guidelines so you are going to see them anywhere where you see the social network sign-on button.

      1. A remote possibility here, but if both Facebook and Google pay devs to place those authorization buttons and Apple ‘forces’ placement of their button w/o similar compensation via their guidelines, it may give fuel to the current anti-trust investigation.

    1. Depending on how different the ‘forks’ are I suspect you will still only have one App version. The file size however may increase to support both efficiently.

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