Apple’s iTunes to play last song

Glenn Chapman for AFP:

Apple on Monday announced the demise of its groundbreaking iTunes platform in favor of three more tailored apps, as it refines its offerings to be a stage for digital music, films, podcasts and more.

iTunes transformed the way people buy and listen to music after its launch in 2001, but is now being phased out, Apple senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi said, while helping kick off the technology giant’s annual gathering of developers in Silicon Valley.

“The future of iTunes is not one app, it’s three,” Federighi said.

“Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV.”

“There is no reason for iTunes to exist, period.” said Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi. “If I want music, I have an the app. If I want TV, I have the app. That is how people are thinking today.”

MacDailyNews Take: In this case, more is better and three apps can do a better job for users than one.


      1. I was totally wrong. I upgraded and couldn’t find my audiobooks, so back down to Mojave I went. Huge pain in the ass. Have a 2012 MBP w/ a HD swap in DVD spot and the iTunes on the 2nd drive. Also crapped out my mailbox.

  1. Seems like somebody wanting to come up with “something” different to make a name for themselves even though the new “something” will do the exact same thing the old “something” did. Maybe it will be better for some. I don’t see it being better for me but you never know. Maybe it will be cool.

  2. I doubt there are three apps because “that is how people are thinking today” rather to standardize the Mac OS apps with iOS. It makes sense to have both music and podcasts together as audio media but that would clash with the Apple Music up sell we’ll be harangued with now like on iOS, before we can simply listen to our own music. One of my favorite things about OSX was the paucity of intrusive popups, expect them now.

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