Apple is eliminating ‘Back to My Mac’ in all macOS versions in July

Juli Clover reports for MacRumors:

Apple today announced in an updated support document that the Back to My Mac service is being eliminated from all versions of macOS on July 1, 2019.

Apple previously warned that Back to My Mac support would be eliminated in macOS Mojave, but the updated wording seems to suggest the feature will be removed from all versions of macOS rather than just macOS Mojave.

Some Back to My Mac users are sure to be unhappy with Apple’s decision to sunset the feature entirely and the suggestion that users transition to Apple Remote Desktop for remote management purposes given its high price tag, but there are third-party options like TeamViewer and LogMeIn.

MacDailyNews Take: As expected, but, still, we’ll miss you Back to My Mac!


  1. I don’t really know what Back to My Mac is, but the rest of this story is damn familiar. Apple got a bunch of users to trust them with a new technology and then abandoned it, and them.

    I used to recommend Macs to all my friends, but now I don’t think anyone should invest in Apple’s ideas.

    1. Like Google doesn’t do this, right? Anyway, this is a feature that is rarely used and doesn’t work with consumer routers without tricky-ish setup. It only really works with Apple routers and those were never very popular, either. This is just a case of trimming off the dead wood.

    2. Substitute “Google” for “Apple” in this story and you can list even more abandoned products, and many abandoned more quickly.

      I’m still PO’ed about all the work I put into loading up Google Play Music with 9,000 cuts and making custom playlists…

  2. It was a feature I certainly never used so I won’t be missing it. For the Macs I have in my house, I just happen to have iNet Network Scanner to remotely control my desktop Macs without having to get out of my bed. Of course, the standard Apple VNC feature is just as good for remote desktop management.

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