Apple iPhones may get full-screen Touch ID in 2020; possible all-new iPhone SE coming, too

“Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis and his associates today shared their expectations for both 2019 and 2020 model iPhones following their trip to Asia earlier this month, where they met with some suppliers within Apple’s supply chain,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“3D Touch will be eliminated in all 2019 iPhones as Barclays previously predicted, possibly signaling a Haptic Touch expansion,” Rossignol reports. “2020 iPhones will have more significant changes, including 5G support, 3D sensing via the rear camera system, and acoustic fingerprint technology that could allow for full-screen Touch ID.”

“‘A few suppliers’ mentioned a potential ‘iPhone SE 2’ with iPhone 8 internals in early 2020,” Rossignol reports, “but others had no knowledge of it.”

Apple's 4-inch iPhone SE
Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE

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MacDailyNews Take: Hope continues for fans of smaller iPhones. Remember, if Apple does a new “SE,” it will almost certainly be an X-class iPhone, eliminating the Home button anachronism, meaning a significantly larger display in a case not much larger than the current SE!

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  1. I certainly miss the smaller form factor but not the smaller screen of the iPhone SE.
    I hope what they actually do is 5″ iPhone with an edge to edge screen design. It would offer a larger screen than the SE but still have a compact form factor.
    The line up could be something like this:

    iPhone Touch 4.7″, 5.5″ (iPhone 8 Style with Touch ID)
    iPhone Air 5″, 6″ (iPhone XR Style with FaceID)
    iPhone Pro 5.8″, 6.5″ (iPhone XS Style with FaceID)
    iPhone Studio 6.5″ (iPhone Pro but thicker and with an SLR class camera)

    Obviously this is a pipe dream but I could see this working. Apple could eventually drop the Touch range and have the Air’s as the entry level. The Studio range would justify it’s super high cost because it would have a SLR class lens in it.

    1. I know you’re just “blue skying,” but staying within the realm of the technically feasible, good luck with the physics of shoehorning a “(D)SLR class” lens into a device that’s less than 10mm thick….

      There was a Nokia/Windows phone with a 48MP sensor and a sizable camera bump back when, but nothing like the glass on a DSLR.

      However, this is not to belittle what’s being accomplished on small, flat devices with the burgeoning tech behind computational photography, so no reason a phone slanted toward photography can’t meet the needs of over 90% of photographers, including a good portion of pros in the next few years.

      But such a phone will still fall short of what the glass (and body) of a Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. can do – and they’re all being imbued with more digital smarts by the day as well, and so will retain their niche for demanding needs, even with lower sales (just as 6x7cm, and 8×10″ cameras do for particular pros).

  2. Make a current model phone offered in a smaller footprint, with an entry price point and your gap in sales will be fulfilled. Is it that hard to figure out? Wait, I’m talking about Pipeline Tim, that takes years to execute ideas and bring products to fruition. .. even with all the money and talent around him…

  3. I heard twice on CNBC on Friday that Apple is more than a year behind on 5G and will not launch a 5G phone until September 2021. Would be nice for Apple to confirm plans for 5G and protect their reputation.

    1. Less than a few percent of cell towers will be outputting 5G by the time of Apple’s 2020 releases.

      As someone who also uses Android phones, I’m skipping the 2019 releases with the first gen 5G modems which add bulk, heat and detract notably from battery life. These won’t truly be optimized until at least 2020, and more likely 2021.

      So in this case, while they do lag in other areas, Apple isn’t “behind” at all, and as if often the case, “less is more.”

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