New Apple ad appeals to those who celebrate Ramadan

“To celebrate the season of Ramadan and Eid, Apple is championing local creativity in the UAE and Middle East with a new ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign called, ‘Finding Balance,'” Kyle O’Brien reports for The Drum. “As people take time for self-reflection, and to connect with friends and family, Apple’s new campaign captures the reflective purpose of the season through the lens of the iPhone XS, complete with features to help people observe.”

“Apple teamed up with two regional photographers — Ola Allouz, a professional photographer born and raised in Dubai, and Mansour AlSofi, an amateur photographer based in Saudi Arabia — to capture the essence of Ramadan,” O’Brien reports. “Each photographer used the Smart HDR photo and 4K video capabilities of the iPhone XS to illustrate the contemplative journey of Ramadan.”

“Along with showcasing the advanced camera capabilities of the iPhone XS,” O’Brien reports, “the campaign also highlights key iPhone features that help users find balance in their own lives, such as ‘Do Not Disturb’ and the Health app.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Water, water, everywhere!

FYI: The song in the ad is J.B.Y by David August.


      1. Are you talking about those who celebrate Ramadan?
        The ones who enslave women and kill gays just for being gay. The ones who hate Jews and Christians?

        1. No, we are talking about the people who comprise a hefty majority of Apple customers in the Middle East and sizable minorities of several other Apple operating regions. There is no more evidence that the majority of Apple’s Muslim customers enslave women or persecute Christians than that the majority of Apple customers who celebrate Christmas hate their neighbors who worship God differently.

          1. So….I guess it’s “All about he Benjamin’s Baby”
            This must be Timmy’s “Strategic Virtue Signaling”
            He’ll just overlook all the kill gays, Christians, and Jews stuff as long as ISIS is buying AppleWatches.

          2. So are you and all the people at your church going to take responsibility for the shootings in Christchurch? I agree that would be ridiculous, but no more than blaming 1.8 billion Muslims for ISIS.

            1. Don’t forget that ALL Christians are responsible for all of the terrorism that has taken place between Protestants & Catholics, particularly in North Ireland!

    1. Jefferson was specifically thinking of Muslims when he drafted the Virginia Statute on Religious Liberty. As President, he hosted the Minister of Morocco at a White House dinner that was delayed until after sunset because it was during Ramadan. For every negative comment he or any of the other Founding Fathers made about Islam, there were a dozen about Roman Catholics. In any case, we aren’t bound by their opinions on this subject any more than their opinions on women’s suffrage or slavery.

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