Figuring out why your MacBook battery drains at night

“Is your MacBook battery draining at night?” Gary Rosenzweig writes for MacMost. “This is probably due to a piece of software on your Mac that is misbehaving and waking it while it should be sleeping. ”

“There are several ways to figure out which could be the culprit,” Rosenzweig writes.

“You can use various tools to compile a list of suspects and then quit those before putting your MacBook to sleep to test them,” Rosenzweig writes. “You can also try things like reseting parts of the system and trying safe mode. You may be able to figure out the problem on your own, or you may need to take it to an expert.”


MacDailyNews Take: Normally, your MacBook should not be draining its battery overnight.


  1. What normal tasks are running? Do you have Power Nap turned on?
    If yes, then while asleep and unplugged:
    – Mail receives new messages.
    – Contacts keep up to date with changes made on other devices.
    – Calendar receives new invitations and calendar updates.
    – Reminders keep up to date with changes made on other devices.
    – Notes keep up to date with changes made on other devices.
    – Documents stored in iCloud keep up to date with changes made on other devices.
    – Photo Stream keeps up to date with changes made on other devices.
    – Find My Mac updates the location of the Mac, so you can find it while it’s asleep.

    The biggest drain I believe is Photo Stream: You go to a wedding and reception that is all day. You get back home with 100 or more photos on your iPhone. Plug it in to charge and you go to bed. That’s 100 or more pics that will be synced to iCloud and then synced down to your laptop.

    It’s these auto background services that has no “in your face” status that it’s doing this. I really wish Apple would have one utility application that could be launched and show in “plain english” what is running in the back ground and have a History tab that would show what transpired in the last 8 hours overnight.

  2. I set my sleep mode to hibernate -25 on my 2018 MacBook Pro. It writes the RAM contents to the hard drive and then does a deep sleep. These days the storage is so quick it’s still a fast process.

  3. I’ve had this happen periodically with my MBP. It would lose as much as 25% during 10 hour. Apple never really figured out what the issue was, but it no longer happens frequently.

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