Apple Campus 3: Apple’s insatiable appetite for office space devours Wolfe Campus

“Apple Park’s sprawling ‘Campus 2’ remained a center of media attention ever since plans for the ‘Spaceship’ Ring nestled in acres of trees first gained approval back in 2013,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “However, a parallel third campus site just up Wolfe Road has more quietly progressed with less notoriety, despite being a remarkable project of its own.”

“Located in Sunnyvale, California at the corner of the Central Expressway and Wolfe Road, Apple’s freshly built third campus is about 4 miles (6 km, or a ten minute drive) from either Apple Park or the company’s original 1 Infinite Loop campus, both of which lie within the city limits of the adjacent city of Cupertino,” Dilger writes. “Wolfe Campus was originally speculatively designed as new LEED Platinum office space by HOK architects, around the time that Apple began work on Apple Park. We noted that Apple was planning to lease the building, and it is now clear that the company took over the entire project”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we described the project back in October 2015:


Apple’s third large California campus is already built – March 19, 2018
Second Apple ‘spaceship’ to land in Sunnyvale; deal sealed with Landbank Investments – October 2, 2015
Apple leases 290,000 sq. ft., 7-building campus as ‘Spaceship’ campus construction continues – May 22, 2014


      1. Apple has always been about ‘less is more’, in a way of simplifying and therefore improving the experience of their range of devices. When Steve returned back to Apple after being fired, he cut off majority of what Apple was selling at the time, and decided to focus instead on making and perfecting only a few devices at a time, instead of trying to manage a load of other stuff. That same value can also and is applied to everything Apple does (design, features, unboxing experience etcetera), and that has historically, and does now, prove to be a successful value for the market Apple is aiming for.

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