“Today at the TIME 100 Summit, Apple CEO Tim Cook opened the event with an interview with Nancy Gibbs,” Michael Potuck reports for 9to5Mac. “The conversation ranged from topics like corporate values, politics, privacy, encryption, regulation in the tech industry, and more.”

“Gibbs started the interview by asking Cook about Apple’s values. He began by talking about why he believes corporations should have them,” Potuck reports. “Cook explained further that he sees today’s issues being solved by teamwork coming from the public sector, private sector, and academia.”

Potuck reports, “When it comes to acting on its values, Cook said that Apple focuses on policies, not politics.”

We focus on policies, not politics, we do not focus on politics and I recognize that everything kind of, unfortunately these days, tends to break down in that way. But we focus on the policy itself, not the politics.

You know, Apple, this probably not known to a lot of people in here, but Apple doesn’t have a PAC (political action committee). Apple’s probably the only large company I would think that doesn’t have a PAC. I refuse to have one because I think it shouldn’t exist. Right?

I think that people that should be able to donate are people that can vote, right, and we should set a limit about what that is… and it should be transparent. I never have donated any money to a PAC personally, every donation I’ve ever made has been public… The company donates zero to political candidates. — Apple CEO Tim Cook

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MacDailyNews Take: Of note, the top PAC contributor to candidates in the U.S. for 2017-2018 was the National Beer Wholesalers Association. 🙂

Also of interest, “Tim Cook also touched on the San Bernardino case in which Apple fought against the US government to protect encryption,” Potuck reports.

I wish that case would have gone to court to be honest, it was dropped the day before. And now after the inspector general reports have come out, our worst fears have been confirmed that it was a very rigged case to begin with. And so I think this was not the government’s finest hour. I have personally never seen the government apparatus move against a company like it did here in a very dishonest manner. – Apple CEO Tim Cook