iOS apps will make Apple’s Mac a better platform – eventually

“Who knew that a report that Apple was replacing iTunes with new apps brought to the Mac from iOS would open a Pandora’s Box of Mac angst?” Jason Snell writes for Macworld. “2019 promises to be a huge year of change for the Mac, in large part because this fall’s macOS release will open the floodgates to apps originally designed for iOS.”

“Music is an app built in a different era for a different purpose. It’s simple and limited, with an interface that even now doesn’t seem to be properly optimized for larger iPad screens. On the Mac, it will seem like a fish out of water… unless Apple upgrades it,” Snell writes. “I’m hopeful, however, that Apple isn’t just going to toss the iOS version of Music on the Mac and call it a day. Moving Music to the Mac is an opportunity to give it an upgrade — for both the Mac and the iPad! — that will make it a more capable app.”

“It’s not hard to imagine that we’ll eventually be able to make Apple’s simple apps do more complex things, but this may be a multi-year process,” Snell writes. “I think it’s safe to say that we are entering a period of instability for macOS.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If anyone can embrace change, it’s Mac users!

I think death is the most wonderful invention of life. It purges the system of these old models that are obsolete. — Steve Jobs

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  1. Lots of half baked, no two apps work the same, crappy little desk accessories that barely touch the capabilities of the Mac will not make the Mac a better platform. EVER.

    Cook’s Apple at it’s worse. Either READ the damn Mac Human Interface Guidelines and write software properly, or don’t bother.

  2. This is completely ass backwards. We don’t need the Mac dumbed down. We need iOS to behave more like a Mac.

    I see you and your what’s a computer bullshit Cook.

      1. Why not, Citizen? If greater performance isn’t packaged inside an overpriced thermally constrained dead-end Trashcan, a company could make a killing selling high performance computers. In fact, there are several highly profitable specialty computer makers that make Apple look weak. Too bad Apple’s managers are too stupid to try to beat or join them.

        You aren’t going to see VR and AR on any of Apple’s portables and wearables anytime soon. People don’t accept Glassholes, and installing wearable tech in clothing or in the body will be halted by costs and now-mandatory security scanners. Apple’s car is a money pit and at some point consumers will rebel against mandatory subscriptions.

        Maybe the silicon valley whiz kids should keep improving personal desktops so they have another profit center in the future in case their dream devices fail.

  3. In the sense that Apple apps are something that I rarely even look at, the guy might be right.

    What matters to me is that the third party apps that I use for Html5 animation, web developement, image manipulation have never been better, so in that sense.I am ok. But if the iOS mindset downgrade affects them, then the developers of those excellent 3rd party apps will have to go elsewhere. Linux or Windows. They both lack some core features that OSX has that are used to make those 3rd party apps what they are, but Linux or Windows developers will step up out of necessity.

    Or maybe Apple can develop a 4×8 foot wall mount iPad, so that that complex menu layouts can be visible. sarcasm alert is now off.

    I think part of the problem is that so many iOS users were educated in a way that makes them believe that history began the day that they were born, and that if they personally are not aware of something that it does not exist. They apparently assume that complex content creation, or analytical software is somehow written on an iPhone.

    Even now with the seeming degredation of the Mac, it is still the easiest interface to use, especially when working with multiple apps, something I seriously think most iOS kiddies do not think about because they rarely go outside of entertainment apps.

    The developers of the apps that I work with have contingency plans for Windows that they do not look forward to using, but…. I have to work with Windows 10 in a school environment, its clunky and not pleasant, but it is stable, as much as I hate to admit.

  4. As a design professor at a school that has a couple hundred iMacs in the dept. let me make 1 thing perfectly UNCLEAR – have you seen a screen of an iMac that is touched hundreds of times a day?

    Probably not, because if you did, you would realize how fkng stupid an iMac, or any other computer with a touch screen, used as a design tool actually is…..

    It looks like someone puked on it –

    1. Touchscreens (on computers) are nothing but an inefficient way to do computing work on if you’re not in a rush. Give me a freaking mouse and physical keyboard and I can rock!.

  5. “because they rarely go outside of entertainment apps.”

    The future is always the younger generation. They are the decision makers of tomorrow. The current teen generation is overwhelmingly iPhone/iPad buyers and GAMES are their thing (after social networking). Think Arcade games, not general or even specialized productivity apps, and the efficacy of being able to easily port (write once run anywhere within the Apple ecosystem) iOS ARCADE games to Mac or Apple TV becomes quite clear.

    1. “The future is always the younger generation. They are the decision makers of tomorrow.” And in teaching 2 generations of them, never have they been less prepared to make decsions in spite of the efforts of SOME of us educators, (we are losing the batle against the parents who create snowflakes)

      “Think Arcade games” Oh, do I ever. I work specifically with one game addicted student who would play 16-20 hours per day if his parents did not literally lock up the room where the device is. His dopamine addiction is so severe that he will never be able to have a job. His parents will have to support him for as long as they live. He is 18. I like him, and has exceptional knowledge of history etc. But he can only carry out any conversation with a fellow student if it is game related. I have no answer for him. So you have my opinion of entertainment apps.

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