“You probably got a Mac for reasons completely unrelated to gaming. Perhaps you needed one for work or school, or perhaps you just couldn’t stand Windows anymore. Or maybe you fell in love with the incredible design Macs are known far,” Ric Molina writes for Mac Gamer HQ. “In any case, if you’re here, it’s because you wonder: Can my Mac run games?”

Molina writes, “With the help of our Mac gaming community, we benchmarked over 50 different Mac models using Unigine’s Valley benchmarking tool.”

“In an effort to keep these resutls as accurate and ‘scientific’ as possible,” Molina wrties, “we asked every contributor to use the same benchmarking tool under as similar testing conditions as possible:”

• Use Unigine’s Valley basic preset.
• Close all other open applications while running the test.
• Maintain machine plugged at all times (low battery affects performance).

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